Nordic Roots Day

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We invite you to a day of exploration, performance, and good folk coming together for a common purpose–to explore their Nordic Roots. In our modern quest for spiritual enlightenment and connection, many people are finding their way back to the deep root traditions of their own cultural heritage, mending and healing the broken traditions of their own ancestral folk ways.

Perhaps  you are curious about Nordic roots spirituality, perhaps you have been practicing your ancestral traditions and are looking for others to connect with, or perhaps you teach a specific pathway of Norse tradition such as Asatru or Heathenry– this is a day for you!

What: Nordic Roots Day
Where: Eye of Horus Metaphysical
When: March 20, 2011
Scheduled Events: Open House from 2-7 pm | Panel discussion from 3-4
We begin the day with Nordic Roots music by Kari Tauring and Stavers in the House!
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Yggdrasil - the World Tree

Yggdrasil - the World Tree

Minnesota is well known for its high population of Nordic immigrants. These immigrants from Scandinavia, the Baltic and Eastern Europe brought with them similar folk beliefs and traditions, the nature spiritual awareness inherent in farming, and a deeply held reverence for ancestors. They are linked by their Indo-European language and customs carried through from the Bronze age to the Immigrant era.

The diversity of Nordic roots practice in just the Twin Cities area is exemplified by the diversity of the panel we have put together. Hosted by our own Völva (staff carrier) Kari Tauring, panelists include:

Peter Laudert – Hafskjold family stav martial and spiritual arts from Norway

Donald L. Engstrom-Reese – Heathen Witch and shaman with 3 decades of practice

Volkhvy –elder and shaman with deep roots in Slavic and Germanic Heathenry

Sara Axtell – leader in cultural healing at the Powderhorn Cultural Wellness Center and Runehof Asatru kindred.

Val Miller – gythia (god-woman) of Volkshof Kindred and leader in the Asatru community through the Midwest.

Kari Tauring is a Völva (Old Norse for staff carrier), sharing her ethnic heritage through performances and workshops. Völva stav is a unique expression of the Indo-European Folk Soul. Her artistry, driven by a passion for her own heritage, combines twenty plus years of scholarship and practice of runes, stav (stick rhythm), poetry, songs, dances, and the healing and spiritual arts. Kari has summoned the Heathen (pre-Christian) origins of her folk soul into her Immigrant Era heritage bringing Northern European spiritual and artistic expression to a new level.

Kari balances Northern European traditions with her North American ancestors to create a healed and unified heritage. She is a bridge walker through time and space of global proportions!

Teaching through performance, workshops, recording and writing, Kari has gained an International audience.
She was featured on Norwegian television (“Alt for Norge”, 2010) a visiting völva back to her homeland. She will be teaching Völva Stav in Trondheim, Norway in September 2011.

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