Plant a Forest for the Trees

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The cliche is you can’t see a forest for the trees, but I can see the forest in the future.  More specifically, I can see Eye of Horus partnering with Eco-Libris to plant a forest full of trees. 1,000 trees to be exact.

Eco-Libris Tree Planting Program

Back in August, we partnered with Eco-Libris to plant a tree for books sold. It works this way:  When a person brings a book to the checkout counter, we tell them that they can plant a tree to offset the book by purchasing an Eco-Libris Sticker. It was during December when we realized just the amount of impact this could have.  Our staff and our customers were so excited by being able to do something, even if it was just a little, to help the environment. People were buying stickers to offset books they bought with us, they read in the library, and even books bought elsewhere. That’s when we decided we would set a target of 1,000 trees.

The 1,000 Tree Challenge

We just couldn’t see aiming for a small number, and one thousand trees is easy to remember. When we thought about it, we realized it was more than a grove, we were looking at several acres worth of trees, and you could even call it a small forest. What could be better for a Metaphysical store with an Eco-Spirituality core offering than planting a forest? All the Druids and dryads and faery-folk would love it!

Once we set this goal, we discovered one of our staff, Chuck Boe, was a verifiable Green Man. He sold as many stickers in December as the rest of us put together, and he only works part-time behind the register. Chuck is primarily a teacher, Reiki Healer and Tarot Counselor. He delighted in telling people about our tree planting program, and once they heard about it, people responded to the spirit and the vision of our little forest of 1,000 trees.

Eco-Libris Stickers Online

Eco-Libris Sticker

Eco-Libris Sticker

We didn’t think it was fair to our more remote customers to leave them out. So we have also made the eco-libris stickers available as an option for all of our books online, so it’s right there on the book page next to the description. Now everyone can buy a sticker to plant a tree and offset the books they read!

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