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Our new online shopping cart makes it easier than ever to learn about and register for classes online.  All upcoming classes are listed in chronological order, so it is easy to see what’s coming up. If there are classes a few weeks out that you are interested in, but need to confirm something before you sign up, you can add them to a wishlist and return to register later.  Of course, all of your information is completely secure, and we don’t share it with spammers or anyone else who doesn’t have any business with your info. (See our Privacy Policy for all the gorey details.) Our new shopping cart screen sports a new, classically metaphysical look, which the rest of the site will be adopting in the next few weeks:

Classes Section in Online Store

Classes Section in Online Store

Why am I sharing all of this? Because we have an absolutely fabulous selection of classes coming up.  The Tarot Discovery Class series starts February 1st. Chuck Boe M.A. is a more-than qualified instructor. He is not only one of our readers, but has his Master’s Degree in Spiritual Counselling, and has explored the use of the Tarot as a spiritual guide. The next series is for those who are ready to explore the Shamanic Path with Joan Marie Mickelson.  Her Level 1 Shamanic Journey Skills workshop series starts February 15th.  She is also starting a regular Shamanic Path Drumming Group for those who have taken her classes (or have her prior approval). Each Shamanic Path Drumming session will explore different aspects, and take you on different journeys to deepen your experience, and help you on your path.

Last, but not least, in March we are stepping out onto a new branch with two new teachers. Anita Collodoro and Sarah Gebeke are meditation class instructors, certified teachers and ritual masters.  Their training is from the Rocky Mountain Mystery School International where they have completed more than 90 hours of course work for their teacher and practitioner certifications.  They’ll begin teaching our new Spiritual Growth Series of classes, beginning on March 15th, with their Sacred Geometry Class.  They are even offering a package discount to launch the series, so you if you sign up for the Sacred Geometry, Meditation, and Astral Travel classes together before March 1st, you save $40!

But Wait! There’s More! There are meetups and discussion groups and music circles, and oh my, so many things. So check out our entire list of upcoming classes and workshops, and keep it book-marked.  It’s updated weekly.

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