Wand Maker Goes Holly Wood

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Master Wand Maker Bill Pine of Oliver’s Wands was interviewed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, making him darn near famous for a Minnesotan. Bill works with a variety of sacred and exotic woods, including wonderful wooden wands made out of Holly, which are available here at Eye of Horus. When Bill came in to pitch his woodwork a couple of years ago, I had to wonder what this big broad shouldered guy had to show Thraicie.Oliver's Holly Wands

I watched the store while they talked, and then he said his farewell before I even knew what had happened. Then Thraicie showed me his beautiful wands, created with loving care. We were so impressed by the quality and spirit of the “Harry Potter” style wands, we asked him to create a collection of wands for truly magical use. The result was our exclusive line of Tree-Magic Wands.

Since then, Oliver’s Wands has found a home at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival every fall, and we’re thrilled that our friend Bill has gotten the attention he deserves. He is a Master Wandmaker indeed!

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About the Author
Beth Hansen-Buth is a Reiki Practioner, Faeries’ Oracle Reader and Artist with some Wizarding World tendencies. Someday she’ll have one of her own Tree-Magic Wands from Oliver’s.
copyright © 2007, Beth Hansen-Buth

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