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Australian musician Wendy Rule is coming to Minneapolis on Wednesday, May 28th, as a stopover on her way to other scheduled performances in the states, and we are trying to swing a concert at the Cedar Cultural Center, hosted by the Twin Cities own Kari Tauring! But we need your help. This is Wendy’s first visit to the area, and we are looking for an idea of how many folks are interested . . . If you haven’t heard Wendy’s music, check out or

We need this quick survey to be completed ASAP to tell the Cedar how many fans she has, and secondly, so we can get additional sponsors to help promote the event.

This concert event is just a verbal agreement right now, and we need your feedback to ensure it becomes a reality.

>Take the Survey Now!


  1. Fox Paw (Dennis K Thompson) says

    WOW. She takes a nice picture. and a voice of an angle……

    May she keep herself happy…

    Blessed Be

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