Your Divine Work – T Thorn Coyle

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Discover and chart your path to your Life’s Work in this Weekend Intensive with T.Thorn Coyle

Many of us struggle with our daily, money-earning work because we have a sense that  there is bigger, work that we are meant to be doing. Listen, now, to the calling of the earth and the stars:

There is work that only you can bring to the world through your life, your dreams, your hands, your voice, your heart. You make manifest this magic, and help weave the cosmos in all its shining beauty. What is the song of your soul? What is the longing pumping through your cells? What is your life’s purpose and your True Will? How can you tune into your own divine nature and shape your destiny? Once we understand our Divine Work, our lives take on new energy, connection and significance: We are literally creating the cosmos.

In this workshop, we will listen to deity, to life source, and to our own divine nature and ask the question “What is the work of this God?” Whatever the answer to this question – a whisper or a shout – we will take one more step into full power and liberation. We can bring the work we do into alignment with our soul’s destiny and together, we can change this world and all the worlds. We can begin today.

Bring a journal, a cup, rhythm instruments if you have them, and simple art supplies (crayons, paper, pencils, magazines/glue/scissors for collage…).

Weekend Intensive: Saturday, May 28th 1-9pm & Sunday May 29th 10am-3pm

Please pre-register before May, if possible – Thorn needs a guaranteed minimum before booking a flight to MN. A 50% deposit ($75) is required to hold your spot. Call 612-872-1292 to make a deposit. You can also pay in full with credit card or paypal online: $150.00

About the Instructor

T Thorn Coyle

T Thorn Coyle

T. Thorn Coyle is an internationally respected teacher of spiritual practice who has been studying the magical arts for close to 30 years. Pagan, mystic, magic worker and author of Kissing the Limitless and Evolutionary Witchcraft, and co-creator of several music CDs, she is also featured in many anthologies and hosts the popular podcast Elemental Castings.

Thorn has a spiritual direction practice, and is founder and head of Solar Cross Temple and Morningstar Mystery School. She lives by the glorious San Francisco Bay.


  1. Autumn Nordstrom says

    I was so excited to come back as I missed her last year (I had h1n1). I’m surprised that you would book this event for Memorial Day weekend. So now, I’m unable to make it (after saving for fee, travel and lodging) because of the date she’s in town. Oh Thorn, please come back…

    • We definitely hope to bring Thorn back . . . but she’s high in demand, and this was the only date we could get her any time soon. For some, the long weekend is good, for others, not so much.

  2. This is perfect for where I’m at in my life path. Thank you!!

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