Spiritual Power of Empathy

Spiritual Power of Empathy

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Author Workshop and Book Signing with Cyndi Dale, December 20th at Eye of Horus

Cyndi Dale is the author of over twenty books on energy healing and spirituality. An internationally renowned author, speaker, healer, and business consultant, Cyndi has been a natural intuitive since she was young, and offers these gifts to clients and groups seeking to make real and positive change. Her passion includes helping people open their “essential energy,” the powers and perspectives unique to them. She works with thousands of individuals a year, in the United States and internationally.

Come and meet Cyndi Dale at Eye of Horus on 910 W Lake St in Minneapolis (map). She is offering a workshop and signing copies of her latest book, The Spiritual Power of Empathy.

Workshop: 12pm to 2pm (Sign up here)
Book Signing following workshop (Reserve a copy)

Cyndi has been trained in several different healing modalities, including shamanism, intuitive healing, energy healing, family of origin therapy, therapeutic touch, the Lakota way and faith healing and holds a fourth degree mastership in Reiki. Her travels and training have taken her around the world.

Get Your Copy of the Book

Spiritual Power of Empathy

Call 612-872-1292 to request a signed copy of the book

Discover your innate empathic abilities with popular author Cyndi Dale as your guide. With this book, you’ll learn how to comfortably use empathy for better relationships and healing the self and others.

The Spiritual Power of Empathy presents this often-unrecognized ability in accessible ways, allowing you to discover an expanded awareness of what empathy is, how it works, and the myriad ways it manifests. Develop deeper connections with your loved ones, use specialized techniques for screening and filtering information, and gain insights on how to overcome the difficulties empaths often face. With the power of empathy, you’ll transform the way you live and connect with the world around you.

Don’t miss out on the Workshop

When: Saturday, December 20th, from 11am to 1pm
Where: Eye of Horus Metaphysical, 910 W Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55408
Registration: Click to register online or call 612-872-1292
Are you empathic? Most sensitive people are. This class on the Spiritual Power of Empathy, based on Cyndi’s new book, will help you stop or prevent the inherent challenges of empathy and help you play to its strengths. Empathy is more than the ability to sense what others are going through. It’s a spiritual gift that invites the recognition and absorption of psychic energy.
Do you find yourself taking care of problems that aren’t your own? The reality is that “distorted empathy” can create the conditions for many “isms,” including personality disorders (i.e. borderline, narcissism, and more); psychiatric issues (bipolar, schizophrenia, and more); and specific challenges in regard to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, depression, anxiety, and addictions. Preregistration is required.

This workshop can make a positive difference in your life by providing the following:

  • Definition of empathy as a spiritual or psychic gift.
  • Examples of positive uses of empathy and the downsides.
  • Coverage of the six types of empathic gifts with exercises for you to figure your own out.
  • Overview of “energetic codependency” as related to the empathic gifts.
  • Tools for energetic boundary protection.

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