12 Days of Holiday Savings

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You’ve been making your lists, but now we invite you to check it twice to make sure you get the best prices.   Sale changes daily.  Discounts are different for each day, and consignment items are excluded.

  1. Monday, December 7: 10% off Wind Chimes, Tibetan Bells & Bowls
  2. Tuesday, December 8: 10% off 2010 Wall Calendars and Date Books
  3. Wednesday, December 9: 15% off Oracle Cards and Tarot Decks
  4. Thursday, December 10: 15% off Blank Books, Journals and Ink
  5. Friday, December 11: 15% off Pure Essential Oils (not Fragrance Oils)
  6. Saturday, December 12: 20% off Tumbled Gemstones
  7. Sunday, December 13: 10% off Chanakara and Organic Stash Tea
  8. Monday, December 14: 15% off Jewelry (except consignment)
  9. Tuesday, December 15: 15% off all music CDs and DVDs
  10. Wednesday, December 16: 10% off Candles
  11. Thursday, December 17: 20% off Statuary
  12. Friday, December 18: 20% off Sage and Incense

Minimum purchase of $10 to receive discount. Cannot be combined with other discounts. Items cannot be held.


  1. Andy Weisberg says

    I was at the store with my daughter a while ago, and she was completely taken with the wooden pyramid box that has a locking capstone. On display right below the window.

    Will that be an item that would be discounted during the “12 Days”?

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