Custom Candle Magic at Eye of Horus

Custom Candle Magic at Eye of Horus

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We love purpose candles at they Eye. But sometimes you have a special situation that requires more power, more direction and a little extra something to do your magic or intentional work. In these circumstances, you want a candle with just the right herbs, oils, and possibly symbols or spellwork carved into it. We sell the plain candles and supplies for you to do this yourself. But if you want something done for you, that you can take home and burn to activate your magic, Eye of Horus can do that, too!

Dressed and Blessed Candles

A simple “dressing” for your candle will consist of herbs and oils. If you want carvings, wax sigil work, etc, it goes up as the time and complexity. So stop in and get a candle custom crafted to your purpose! Or call 612-872-1292 and we can take a phone order. Prices start at just $8.00 for a simple custom votive candle, and $19.00 for a custom pillar. We will let you know upfront what the price will be, so no surprises.

Simple Herb Pillar Candle

Custom magic candle by Deanna

This candle is priced at Just $19 and was dressed with Herbs and Oils by Deanna, who is available for consultations on Saturdays. (Call first)

Prosperity Candle – Inscribed

Custom dressed and blessed prosperity candle

This candle is priced at Just $24 and was carved in theban runes for prosperity and dressed with Herbs and Oils, and finally blessed by Thraicie, who is available for consultations throughout the week. (Call first to schedule)

Astrological Love Candle by Zack

Custom Dress Love Candle by Zack Anderson

This love candle was created by Zack Anderson who used colors, sigils and herbs along with oils to bless this candle with powerful love magic. They can be customized by zodiac signs as well. He is available six days a week (call to schedule)

So give us a call at 612-872-1292 to schedule your candle magic consultation, or stop in and see who’s on hand to help you out. If you prefer to do it yourself, we have plenty of white votive and pillar candles to serve as a blank canvas for your own art, and of course oils and herbs to dress them. Yes, we will ship!

Special blessings to all who like and share!

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