Organic Van Van Spiritual Oil

Organic Van Van Spiritual Oil

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All of the ingredients  for Organic Van Van Oil are in and we are formulating our first batch of Eye of Horus Spiritual Oils. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to our fundraising campaign so far!  The Organic Van Van is the only Spiritual Oil we will be able to release before the end of the fundraising campaign ends June 22nd. This is one of the more complex oils, since not only oils are going into the bottle, but like any good HooDoo Oil formulation, there are actual Botanicals and energetic items in each bottle. Our Organic Van Van oil contains the Organic Lemongrass plus prosperity-drawing pyrite chunks.

Organic Van Van Ingredients

Organic Van Van Ingredients

Organic Van Van OilA lot goes into each oil, as you can see from the picture of the Van Van Ingredients. We do need your help to be able to stock up on the ingredients to create additional oils. Please click here now to learn more about our Spiritual Oils.

Van Van Oil Launch Event – Sat., June 8th

The Organic Van Van Oil will debut on Saturday June 8th, to coincide with the New Moon, which will be 10:59:01 AM, 18° 01′ Gemini.  So stop by the Eye to check it out, any time after 11am on Saturday – we’ll have demonstrations throughout the day for ways you can use Van Van!  We’ll have more information about the New Moon and our Launch Event later this week.

Why Organic Van Van Oil?

The organic essential oils in our Organic Van Van Formula each focus on those energetic nudges and adjustments we all need. Organic Van Van Oil BottleThey all work together, and are especially balanced to provide an overall synergy in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Clearing: Lemongrass is as key ingredient in Van Van, providing a powerful cut and clear effect. It cuts ties to bad energy, things that weigh you down, lose ends that snag and entangle you in old dramas. It also is a great for clarifying communications, closely linked to Mercury.
  • Protection: But it’s not enough to cut those connections which are harmful, you also need to clean your own aura and provide a protective barrier which is smart enough to keep the negative at bay and still draw good to us. One of the main ingredients in our Organic Van Van Oil does just that.
  • Luck: Use this oil to help you get to the tipping point towards the positive, as you open yourself up to receive and be more aware of good luck, you become much more attractive to friends, customers or potential lovers.
  • Love & Passion: Whether you are seeking the perfect partner, or your dream job, Van Van helps you connect with that ultimate force of creation which makes us bloom. With a touch of earthiness, our root chakra is activated by Van Van, mixing the physicality of Earth and the adoration of Venus energy to give our Formula depth and sensuality.

Using Van Van Oil

Maybe you have a specific goal in mind and use Van Van to give you intention that energetic push in the right direction and open the way. Maybe you will wear it as part of your personal scent just to add a little extra positive possibility to every encounter you have, whether personal or professional. Maybe you are preparing for a New Moon or full Moon ritual and you want to elevate the energy and keep your aura clear and strong. Or perhaps you just want to sit and meditate, opening your awareness like a flower. Use Van Van to:

  • Dedicate your altar.
  • Anoint candles for clearing (white), communication (blue), protection (black) or luck (green… luck of the Irish), love (red or pink) etc.
  • Charge up amulets, bags and lucky charms.
  • Anoint a gift so the good you freely give returns to you in spades.
  • Before signing an agreement or sitting down to cards, or doing anything you need a bit of luck for, dab a little on your hands and rub them together.
  • If you don’t have any Chinese wash and you want to clean out that bad vibe, just put a little in your bucket of wash water.
  • Anoint your pen, computer, tablet, cell phone (just a touch is all you need), etc. during Mercury retrograde to help prevent any misfires in communication
  • Be creative, Van Van is flexible!

Finally, every practitioner’s cabinet would benefit from Organic Van Van Oil, it covers most of the bases of positive Magic: Love, Luck, Prosperity, Clarity and Protection. You can even add a little bit to a floor wash (along with a straw or two from a used broom) for a complete home or business cleanse. Wash away the old, or the bad to bring in the new. If nothing else, it’s great to have something to help offset the symptoms of Mercury Retrograde.

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