Chrysalis Tarot – First Impressions

Chrysalis Tarot – First Impressions

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Chrysalis Tarot Suits Sample Cards

Chrysalis Tarot Suits

Chrysalis Tarot is a 78 card tarot deck with art by Holly Sierra and a little white book by Toney Brooks. The theme of the chrysalis, that of transformation is what this deck is about because it gives a fresh perspective on the paths and meanings of the tarot.  Instead of traditional, it is flexible, working with myth in a modern way. That is, it draws its images from a variety of mythologies most familiar to modern seekers and tarot readers.  You will find deities and spirits represented such as Herne, Kali, Ariadne, the Green Man, Psyche and even Papa Legba.

There is a full range of mythological creatures as well: a Pheonix, a Unicorn, aDragon, a Pegasus, a Pirate (Corsair). All the images of the Chrysalis Tarot are anything but typical or traditional, yet they are familiar to anyone who is versed in fantasy or mythology.  It is refreshing to see some diversity here, both in the myths and the cultures, though I’m sure purists would object to having such a jambalaya of references and peoples. But this modern mix of mysteries and archetypes both big and small is what makes this deck refreshingly appropriate for today’s tarot reader. We are familiar with and inspired by different cultures, and with such a strong artistic voice, they do somehow seem to work together.

The four suits that make up the Minor Arcana in the Chrysalis Tarot are:

  • Mirrors (Cups) – theme color blue
  • Stones (Pentacles) – theme color green
  • Spirals (Wands) – theme color gold or yellow
  • Scrolls (Swords)- theme color purple

The Court Cards stand out a bit with a frame around the figure, and again, they are anything but typical.  All of them are well, friendly, and familiar enough to work with. The Chrysalis tarot is just a visual delight overall and generally full of pleasant thematic surprises.

The Chrysalis Tarot is available from the online Tarot Shop at or in our Minneapolis Store. We even have a demo deck if you stop into the store, as we do for most decks. You can even get the Chrysalis Tarot as an app, though we haven’t tried that out. We tend to prefer actual cards at the Eye.

Chrysalis Tarot Card Back

Chrysalis Tarot Back

About Holly Sierra

Holly Sierra has been drawn to all things mystical and magical since her childhood. Her vibrant paintings allow us a glimpse into an enchanted world filled with goddesses and mythological creatures. Holly’s infatuation with Tarot began when she was a teen and discovered an antique deck amongst her parents’ possessions. The Chrysalis Tarot deck is dedicated to both her beloved parents. After pursuing a fine arts education, Holly lived and traveled extensively in Asia. Multicultural themes influence her artwork, which has appeared in children’s books, magazines and greeting cards. Holly makes her home amidst the picturesque, green mountains of Stowe, Vermont.

About Toney Brooks

After retiring from broadcasting twenty years ago, Toney traveled the world researching spirituality. He studied, both formally and informally, a number of metaphysical subjects including comparative mythology, philosophy of history, and an obscure area of theology known as Mariology. He holds a PhD in Metaphysics and a certification in Spiritual Counseling.

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