Study Tarot this Winter

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Winter is the season for Tarot here at the Eye.   In addition to hosting the Psychic Tarot Book Release event on 2/20 at 2pm, we have a whopping seven Tarot-related course and class offerings coming up in February, March and April.

LearnTarotThe best place to start, if you are new to the cards, is Chuck Boe’s Tarot Discovery Series.  That will give you a strong foundation you can build off of and qualify for for most of the remaining classes.  Fortunately enough, that is the first offering, as well, starting in early February.  But if you already know the basics, you can take it a bit farther with Chuck’s Intermediate series, or pick a topic like Tarot Spreads, The Fool’s Journey, Tarot & Astrology or even Tarot for Writers! So, if you’ve ever wanted to learn tarot, or you’re ready to delve a little deeper, now is the time to dig in and learn from the Tarot Experts at Eye of Horus.  Our instructors don’t just read for the store, they’ve read for decades. One has a Master’s Degree in Human Development, with a focus on Tarot, and two are published authors, sought after for speaking and teaching about the Tarot around the world.  More detailed information about our fabulous instructors follow the class descriptions.

Tarot Courses and Workshops

Tarot Discovery Series – Learn Tarot w/ Chuck Boe M.A.

February 6th, 13th and 20th (Sundays) 11:30am – 1:00pm Understand the Arcana, Suits, Spreads and Intuition

Explore how the 22 cards of the major arcana signify the human journey through life. Students will personalize their understanding of the journey by working with the major arcana of their own decks, with the help of the instructor. By the end of the first class, the student should have an understanding of the significance of the major arcana, recognition of the cards and their meanings, and a beginning comfort level with the cards.

Learn the Minor Arcana through the four suits and the levels withing the suits. The four suits address various aspects of our personality as well as the four elements. Learn to interpret the cards using a Celtic Cross Spread.

The Journey and Practice of the Tarot is more than just the symbols on the cards and the meaning of the placements. Develop your own sense of intuitiveness while using the tarot in plenty of in-class exercises and mini-readings. Some time will be spent in discussing the use of other popular Oracle decks, as well. Tarot Discovery Series Cost is only $60.00. To register online: 

Fool’s Journey Workshop with Barbara Moore

February 19th (Saturday) 1:00-3:00 pm The Fool card in the Tarot is said to journey through the other 21 cards of the Major Arcana. Learn how this journey can enhance your understanding of these fascinating cards. After that, you will do your own reading in class using a spread based on the Fool’s Journey to determine your own particular journey, learning where you are and what you can expect in the future. Bring a tarot deck of your choice, making sure that the images of the Major Arcana resonate with you. Fool’s Journey Workshop: $30.00

Tarot Spreads Workshop with Barbara Moore

March 5th (Saturday) 1:00-3:00 pm After you’ve learned the meanings of your tarot cards, then what? Learn the basics of laying out the cards and weaving them together into a clear reading. Tarot spreads are a fascinating, and often overlooked, aspect of tarot, and understanding how they work will add depth and accuracy to your readings. Understanding basic structure will allow you to get even more out of any spread, tweak a spread to better serve your purposes, or even create your own. Investment: $35.00

Tarot Progressions: Intermediate – w/ Chuck Boe M.A.

March 6th, 13th & 20th (Sundays) 11:30am – 2:30pm In the Tarot Progressions course, Chuck Boe, M.A. continues where Tarot Discovery left off. In each class, layers of meaning and understanding will be added to your core knowledge of the cards and spreads. This course is for anyone who has a basic knowledge of Tarot, either from Chuck’s Tarot Discovery course or through independent study. It is also for people who want to read for other, but aren’t comfortable or confident enough. This is the course which really blends knowledge of the Tarot with learning to use your intuition, and the practice you need to bring it all together in a positive and fun atmosphere. The Tarot Progressions course provides

  • In-depth understanding of the Suites
  • Training on using your Intution
  • Experience working with different spreads
  • Practical tips on reading for strangers (and friends)
  • Hands-on practice reading in every class
  • A nurturing environment to learn to use your gifts

The last third of every class in the Tarot Progressions course is devoted to giving and receiving readings. You will have the opportunity to practice your Tarot skills in a comfortable environment with Chuck available to help you find the answers to your questions using the cards before you and intuition within you. You will find that your intuition shows you more there than meets the eye. As you progress, you will find that patterns or symbols will pop and a reading will become clear. Course Cost: $60.00

Tarot and Astrology Workshop w/ Corrine Kenner

March 19th (Saturday) 1-4pm For centuries, the art of tarot and the study of astrology have been closely tied. Most tarot readers, however, don’t know the astrological foundation of the deck — and most astrologers don’t know how seamlessly their knowledge can transfer to the cards.

In this workshop, you’ll discover the close connections between tarot and astrology, card by card. What’s more, you’ll learn how to combine the two systems into a single, integrated whole. The astrology and tarot workshop includes detailed information on:

  • Planets and signs, and their Major Arcana correspondences
  • The sophisticated, multi-layered  associations between the houses of the horoscope and the Minor Arcana
  • The unique placement of Court Cards on the Wheel of the Year

This workshop is suitable for tarot readers and astrologers at any level. Beginners in either field are welcome! To get the most from the workshop, you will need a deck of Rider-Waite compatible tarot cards. Tarot and Astrology Workshop: $45.00

Tarot for Writers Workshop w/ Corrine Kenner

April 2nd (Saturday) 3-5pm In this workshop, you will learn how to use tarot cards to develop your own short stories, novels, screenplays, and poems–with guidance and advice from Corrine Kenner, the best-selling author of Tarot for Writers. Most people think of tarot cards as a fortune-telling device, but they’re also a great tool for writing and creative thinking. Writers from John Steinbeck to Stephen King have used tarot cards for inspiration. Register today! $35.00

Advanced Tarot Class w/ Chuck Boe M.A.

April 3rd (Sunday) 11:30am-1:30pm In the Advanced Tarot Study Class, Chuck Boe, M.A. invites you to Join in this intensive discussion and tutoring session with Tarot Master Chuck Boe. There will be a special focus on the complexities and possibilities of the Tarot Court Cards. Be sure to bring your questions and comments! Also be sure to bring your favorite deck, as we will be doing readings in class, to better hone your skill as a reader. $30.00

About the Tarot Instructors

Chuck Boe, M.A. received his Masters Degree in Human Development from Saint Mary’s University in 2008, with a focus on Goddess Studies and Tarot. Chuck Boe began his Tarot studies over two decades ago, in 1981, and has been reading at the Eye since 2006. He also teaches Reiki and has been on our service staff for over a year. Here’s what he says about the use of the Tarot: “I believe that the tarot is a tool for spiritual guidance. The answers that we receive from the tarot should be used to heighten our understanding of issues in our lives, not be seen as definitive messages about our future. I clearly stress to all clients that they have free will to make choices in their lives regardless of the reading.” Chuck is also a Reiki Master, and teaches Reiki I and II at Eye of Horus.

Barbara Moore has spent a lifetime devoted to the power of symbol and how it manifests in our lives. She brings her extensive professional and practical knowledge to this class to help you discover your personal power and magic. Right from the start, tarot intrigued her with its marvelous blending of mythology, psychology, art, history, mystery, and magic, as well as its eminently practical applications. In addition to providing professional readings, Barbara consults for both Llewellyn Worldwide and Lo Scarabeo and is one of the founders of the Minnesota Area Tarot Symposium. Barbara enjoys giving a voice to tarot cards not only by doing readings but also by writing the books that accompany decks, including A Guide to Mystic Faerie Tarot, The Gilded Tarot Companion, The Enchanted Oracle, The Mystic Dreamer Tarot, The Vampires of the Eternal Night Tarot, and many more. In the fall of 2010, her new edition of Llewellyn’s Tarot for Beginners was released.

Corrine Kenner has written twelve books and edited four anthologies, including the bestseller, Crystals for Beginners. One of her books, Tall Dark Stranger: Tarot for Love and Romance, was a COVR Visionary Award finalist, marking it as one of the top three divination books of 2006. She created the Epicurean Tarot, and she’s currently finishing a book and deck set called the Wizards Tarot. Her work has also been featured in the Encyclopedia of Tarot.

Corrine has taught tarot classes and workshops in England, Canada, and across the United States — and while she’s recognized as one of the world’s foremost tarot experts and authors, she lives right here in Minneapolis. Wherever she appears, students love her sense of humor and her practical approach to New-Age subjects.
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