The Enchanted Oracle

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Jessica Galbreth brings you a powerful new Oracle Deck . . . of how wonderful it would be to enter a world of faeries and goddesses, of sorceresses and enchantments. Within that world there is personal power and wisdom that can be found and deliciously experienced. Even better, though, would be to bring that wisdom back to your regular life. Now you can do this when you get the Enchanted Oracle.

The Enchanted Oracle is a new boxed set that features 36 cards filled with the sensuous watercolor imagery of Jessica Galbreth, one of the world’s foremost fantasy artists. Several of the cards have art that is original to this deck, making it a must for all Galbreth collectors as well as for those who love images of faeries, fantasy, and magic.

This is so much more than just the unique divination deck it is. Here are the names of some of the card to illustrate the possibilities: Autumn Splendor, Bewitching, Celtic Witch, Cernunnos, Crimson Moon, Dark Enchantment, Dragon Witch, Entwined, Gothic Rose, Innocence, Mermaid Dreams, Night Queen, Serenity, Temptation, and White Magic. Each has a magnificent and evocative image that must be seen to be believed by one of our favorite artists, Jessica Galbreth.

Destiny’s Portal

Included in the box is a 240-page book, Destiny’s Portal, written by acclaimed tarot author Barbara Moore. The book reveals the secrets of the cards, including the meaning of the symbolism on the cards; the meaning of the cards when used in a divination; and an associated spell, enchantment, visualization, or journaling exercise.

The Enchanted Oracle is ideal for beginners. The book includes information on how to give readings with the oracle, the six steps for giving a reading, and three different and simple spreads to use for laying out the cards and interpreting them. In addition to the book, however, you’ll also find something more in the Enchanted Oracle kit.

What’s That “Something More?”

An oracle, properly used, is a means of receiving messages from the divine, a source of guidance, and a tool for shaping the future. Inside the box with this oracle you’ll find the deck, the book, a whimsical silver organdy pouch with a draw string cord to keep the cards together when you’re not using them, and something more, something that makes this an all-purpose oracle that can be used for any reason.

The extra something in this set is a delightful faery pendant on a black sheer ribbon. You can wear it as an elegant necklace, enchant it to use as a talisman, or use it as a pendulum for another form of decision-making and guidance. Examples of how to charge it as a talisman and instruction on how to use a pendulum are included in the book.

The Enchanted Oracle is a powerful and beautiful tool to help you understand your past, thrive in the present, and create your future. The deck will take you to an enchanted place, filled with ethereal faeries and haunting deities. Here, sorceresses wield their spells and you, surrounded by power and bathed in the glow of the moon, can weave your way through trailing vines and gnarled trees to uncover truth, plan your goals, and discover ways to achieve them. Hold the spirit of the faery in your hand in the form of a sublime image that can be your guardian, a talisman or a gently waving pendulum revealing fact from fiction, and a set of unlimited possibilities for your life.

The Enchanted Oracle is a great gift that would be appreciated by anyone, too!


  1. I recently purchased the Jessica Galbreth Enchanted Oracle, and I LOVE IT!!

    Not only for her beautiful artwork and well-written companion book by Barbara Moore, but also for its accuracy in readings (at least in my case).

    I HIGHLY recommend purchasing this set for any fan or Tarot reader.

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