Full Moon in Scorpio:  Holding Your Ground

Full Moon in Scorpio:  Holding Your Ground

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The moon brims full May 18 (4:11 pm, CDT) near the last degree of Scorpio. Passionate intensity reaches peak pitch! Maintain the garden — be it actual plants and flowers or future goals — to see it flourish. What needs tending to and nurturing so it may remain vibrant?  An all or nothing approach can be harnessed and put to use, though stubbornness and inflexibility might show up.  Intensity of commitment is at hand, locking into place what is working well.  But black and white thinking can indicate a separation if something isn’t meeting the rigidity of all or nothing standards.  Possessiveness may show up similar to the eternal grips of a snapping turtle’s jaws, not letting go when feeling threatened.

The desire to stop and smell the roses feels more like a leisurely stroll than a sprint to the finish line. Taurus isn’t to be rushed.  Immersing in the five senses can be luxurious.  Yet the need to be comfortable and cozy aids in remaining stagnant and stuck, digging heels in and not moving!

Economics, relationships to money, how land is owned and valued get a fresh perspective this full moon.  Themes of ownership over our sexuality and our bodies are highlighted.  The time is fertile for transforming schemes once just a twinkle in the eye into what we can feel, hear, taste, touch, see and measure.

To get in touch with the sacredness of our bodies, try some of Eye of Horus’ Aphrodisiac essential oil blend. This passionate blend is both stimulating and luxurious. To stand your ground in situations worth fighting for, carry a piece of tourmalinated quartz. This stone helps bring us clarity to see situations for what they are and also helps to strengthen and balance us for challenges that lie ahead. To let go of unnecessary grudges, consider burning one of Coventry Creations’ Needed Changes candle. This candle is designed specifically to help banish anything from our lives that is keeping us stuck or held down.

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