Grand Sextile – Magic Window

Grand Sextile – Magic Window

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When planets align at a 120 degree angle, they form a trine.  When three form, you form a triangle, or a Grand Trine. Jupiter, Saturn, & Neptune are still forming their Grand-Trine in Water, which is scheduled to last well into August.  All three are relatively slow-moving planets, so this aspect will continue its affect for quite a while.  They are each positioned in one of the water signs, so the emotional tides of the whole world are experiencing the benefits of this harmony.  One astrologer referred to the effect as “The end of hope, and the beginning of truth.  A great awakening.”

So what’s all this talk about a Grand Sextile?  Well… Venus and Pluto have been trine to each-other for a little while, now.  But on Monday, July 29th, the Moon will move into position in Taurus, to form a Grand Trine. All three in the earth-signs.  The Grand-Trine in Water is joined by a Grand-Trine in Earth. Both earth and water are feminine, so the result is a Feminine Grand Sextile, pictured below in gold…

Two Grand Trines Combine in Star of David Shape

Water Grand Trine (Blue) + Earth Grand Trine (Green) = Feminine Grand Sextile (Gold)

As Above, So Below

So we’ll have two Feminine Grand Trines up in the sky, at the same time.  That’s so cool!  Even cooler… the water-sign Grand Trine will neatly intersect the earth-sign Grand Trine: These two trines form triangles positioned in opposite orientations, one with the point up, and the other with the point down, to form a Star-of-David affect.  The geometry of this results in these planets all being sextile to each other, this is the shape of the Merkaba in Sacred Geometry. Since the Grand Sextile is Feminine, this will be fantastic for anyone who has been working on matters of the root-chakra and manifesting. It’s an amazing, window or Yoni of Goddess energy. This is a very special occasion, when the water joins with earth it is a time of giving birth. Anyone who values magickal workings should get busy that day.

Water and Earth Give Birth

Feminine, Intuition, Healing, Growth

This magic moment combines the two feminine energies as Feelings (Water) awaken and grow into the form you envision and emerges to manifest in the real world (Earth). This is always true, but this truth will have extra power during the Grand Sextile. So anything which has been gestating for a while, those dreams, plans, hopes and all can come forth with a little help.

Time and Intention

The Moon will only be within orb of Venus and Pluto from (roughly) 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM CDT. That’s when the window of the heavens is flung wide open, and after that, the Earth trine disolves. We’ll still have the Water Grand Trine which is good for dreaming and visualization. But within these seven hours, we are all moving from an era of dreams/hopes/vague anticipation, into a time of manifestation of those dreams.  With the Earth Grand Trine, hope becomes reality.  Anticipation becomes action & result.  As the Law of Attraction teaches us, it is important to keep our energy focused upon the desired goal.

Whatever intention or spell-work you’ve been putting energy toward will benefit from a big boost, during these hours.  So plan carefully, and focus well.  Feel it, taste it, hold it solidly in your mind and plant it with your will. A distracted thought can manifest just as readily as a focused intention, right now, so plan to engage your senses and your body with writing or movement or song or chant to fully embody your intended working.  Planting an actual seed to represent your dreams would be good, or plant a crystal in one of your plants or in your garden.

Remember, with this feminine Grand Sextile you are watering the seed-intention you put in the earth, so whatever happens it will grow as you tend it for the good of all, and harm to none.  Blessed be!

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