New Moon in Gemini: Chasing Chickens

New Moon in Gemini: Chasing Chickens

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This new moon in Gemini, a chick hatches out of its shell and starts to peep (June 3, 5:01 am CDT)! Gemini, a sign that embodies duality, tends toward multiplicity. One chick hatches and soon follows another and another. Before too long, a brood of chicks is running around. The chasing of chickens begins! Fun and exhilarating at first, chickens run in opposite directions all over the place as it becomes trickier to keep track of them all!

A craving for variety inspires dabbling in multiple pursuits at once. Opportunities make themselves known as spring inches closer to summer, some take root while others blow away like dandelion fluff in the breeze. Nets are cast wide this month, catching social butterflies to begin mingling. The gift of gab and gossip are enhanced. Trickery and evasiveness may cloud circumstances.

Gemini is known for cleverness and communication. While connecting with others and sharing ideas, inspiration may be found in the world of the arts. A work-worshipping paradigm begs for balance as the new moon suggests finding wealth in songs, books, music, poetry, theatre — any form of creative expression.

Mars joins north node in Cancer June 12, defending the oppressed and fighting against the backsliding our country has witnessed. A stop-go dynamic faces off with old structures collapsing as rebuilding takes place. More to come on this later, as we prepare for eclipse season this July.

To help juggle multiple projects, try some of the Eye of Horus’ Fatigue Remedy aromatherapy oil. This essential oil blend is designed to help bring a lightness to your day and increase your energy to get things done. To work your social butterfly mojo, consider carrying with you a lapis gemstone. This noble stone helps project your desires and enhances communication with others by helping project your best self. To retain balance with a stop-go dynamic, light one of Coventry Creations’ Inner Balance candles. This candle helps you keep in the center of opposite dynamics and maintain a sense of purpose and stability.

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