Full Moon in Taurus: Oct 29

Full Moon in Taurus: Oct 29

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Full Hunter’s Moon

06° 48′ Taurus – Monday, Oct 29, 2:50 P.M. Central

Taurus Full Moon

Full Moon in Taurus

October’s Moon is also known as the Travel Moon, the Dying Moon, or the Blood Moon. Traditional cultures worldwide have festivals to celebrate the October Full Moon such as:

  1. The Disirblot of Freyja, Norse Goddess. This moon marks the begining of the Winter season. On this night, great family feasts were held which featured foods sacred to the Autumn deities.
  2. The Aztecs and Toltecs celebrated The Festival of Ciuateotl, the snake woman goddess to appease the Goddess of strife, misfortune, and labor whose name means ‘the great bath of sweat’.

Taurus Full Moon Energy

Manifestation, Healing, Security

Prosperity Affirmation CandleOctober brings a serious manifestation moon; however, it also some serious security and stability points of interest. This moon in both Taurus and 2nd house means a lot of root chakra concerns, so any insecurities we have could be augmented. The thing to do is feel the feeling, and then address it. This is an ideal moon to sit down with the focused intention to shift your footing or position in areas in your life where you feel unstable, disconnected or rootless.

With the fixed Taurus moon tightly trine Pluto in Capricorn, it is the perfect time to blast open any feelings of instability or insecurity we might be dragging along from our past. This will open up the future to one of choice rather than one based on habit.

Steady Work Hoodoo Candle

Steady Work Hoodoo Candle

Taurus the bull is tenacious and consistently seeks security, if you combine this dig-in-your heals energy with commitment and a clear intention, whatever you begin will have sure footing and be hard to stop.

What are your emotional survival tactics? Are you reacting rather than acting? It’s a perfect  time to assess your habits and make a conscious choice to move in a different direction, especially if you need to shift from a glass half-empty to a glass not-only half-full, but overflowing. You can shift your relationship with manifest reality to one of security and abundance.  The key is to be clear, be focused, and invoke all your senses.

Timing is Everything: 2:50pm

Whether you do a focused visualization, a bit of spellwork or a full blown ritual, the closer you can get to the exact moment of the moon, the closer you will be to a tight sextile with ascendant (Pisces). So emotions will be very powerful and if you can focus your magic toward this reassessment and rewriting emotional survival tactics, the more powerful your magickal affect will be. Chiron the healer trines the sun to create the most healing Moon of the year. Again, for your working intention, the closer you can get to the exact full moon, the more fuel to activate and manifest your vision.

If you can’t take off in the middle of the afternoon to fully utilize the timing, try bottling your wish or spell, or craft your affirmation to release later. If you are working with a candle, choose green such as the Prosperity Affirmation Candle for growth and manifestation.  For Healing, choose pink or purple. Or choose ripe colors for harvest such as the Steady Work Hoodoo Candle.

Craft in Advance – Mojo to Go

Witches Brew Oil

Witches Brew Spiritual Blend of Essential Oils

To be able to take advantage of the 2:50 time, you could create an actual bottle or jar or mojo bag that you can take with you. It doesn’t have to be big or complex. Here are some ideas:

  • Combine trinkets and ingredients for manifestation – for example, you could write your desired outcome on a small piece of paper, add a drop or two of Witches Brew Oil to activate it and include that.
  • You could even take the paper and fold it into quarters, and use that as a mojo packet . . . just add a bit of wax drippings to “seal the deal” or whatever it is you want to manifest.
  • If you are working with a bottle or bag and have more room, put a dollar coin in, if money is what you want to manifest, or a picture of a house if you want a new home.
  • Be creative – draw a symbol or sigil or
  • Take a cord or string do knotwork . . . tie knot upon knot to while stating your intention.
  • If you want mama nature’s help, add a green stone like Malachite or Jade, maybe sprinkle some herbs.

Make it simple, to keep a single focus, or complex to activate your creative mind. Do one thing, or many. Whatever works for you!

Once your working is done, seal the bag, box or bottle using a bit of wax or a spiritual oil like the Witches Brew Oil.  Or, if you are working with a stone or talisman, you can annoint it and wrap it in a cloth. You will take it with you. Then, set an alarm for 2:40, so you can sneak away somewhere private and open it and release your intention to the universe.

When the time comes, open the pouch, unwrap the talisman or stone, repeat your intention in your mind. Feel the glow of the result, invoke all of your senses as you visualize your desired outcome.

Remember to give thanks!

Make sure you focus on the release of bad habits and healing of security issues and the creation of a new paradigm. Now is not the time to settle for less or hide your potential. If you’re not clearly focused on what you want the risk of manifesting unwanted knee-jerk reactions is profound.

If you’re focused on healing, wow, what a chance for transformation. If you’re focused on suffering, you’ll seal that in place for a while and create more work for yourself later.

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  1. I Love this, thank you!

  2. Goddess Tati Lé says

    I Worked iT; I Give Thx; Blessed Be.

  3. We did a working on the prosperity altar at our store. The more prosperous our community, the more prosperous we are… blessed be!

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