Full Snow Moon – February 25, 2013

Full Snow Moon – February 25, 2013

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Full Snow Moon: Feb 25, 02:28 PM (CST) is in Virgo 07° 24′

Snow Moon in Virgo

Snow Moon in Virgo when Mercury is retrograde

The February Full Moon is known as the Snow Moon, and even the Snow Blinding Moon.
The Lakota Sioux know it as the Moon of the Dark Red Calves, while the Cheyenne called it the Big hoop and Stick Game Moon. Other names include the Quickening Moon, Hunger Moon, Opening Buds Moon, Storm Moon, and the Trapper’s Moon.

When the Moon is full in a sign it reflects the light of consciousness to the fullest. It is a time to be fully engaged with life in that specific area. This February the Full Moon is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. But with Mercury in Retrograde, now is the time for contemplation and analysis rather than action.

The Quickening Moon

We’re quite fond of the title the “Quickening” Full Moon. The quickening is used to describe the first noticeable movements of an unborn child in their mothers womb. It marks a time when new life is beginning but hasn’t broken through the surface quite yet. Also, this leaves life open to so many wonderful opportunities  A journey has yet to begin. We are in the middle of Imbolc Season: A time of quiet, renewal and rebirth. While the skies are grey and the ground is white, life secretly begins to awaken. Soon enough, lush greenery will sprout from the earth and life will be abundant once again. One cycle is ending as another begins.The air is also filled with female divinity and fertility, which would make this a fantastic time for fertility and childbirth magick. With all this being said, use this time to better yourself and create the life you truly want. The possibilities are endless.

February Full Moon Personal Inventory

Use Virgo’s energy to look at your dreams and where you are on your path. Take stock of the specific gifts you bring, the ones which only you have to offer – do they line up with your profession or do you still need to find what Buddhist’s call Right Livelihood? Seek your greatest vision, and don’t let anyone block your intentions or talk you down. Take a personal inventory and ask which parts of your life have the greatest connection between your head and your heart. What makes you both full of well being and full of service?

Mercury Retrograde 2/23 – 3/17

Now, just in case you get all excited about what you discover in your self-inventory, remember Mercury is retrograde and since Mercury is also the planet which rules Virgo, the influence is stronger. It may even get a bit wacky as that retrograde energy bounces off the full moon, redirecting communications and systems in strange ways. So don’t take any action on your self-inventory right away, as tempting as that might be, just record in exquisite detail, review and rework. Virgo loves detail, so focus in, sort and rearrange your ideas like a floral arrangement. But don’t dive in with your plans. There might be some piece of the puzzle which gets missed if you aren’t careful.

If necessary, take a step or two towards your goal to set the cornerstone of your foundation in place, but then take a break, don’t put cement in as of yet, some important details may be hidden from your consciousness because there is a definite conflict between emotions and logic. In fact, that truth you are hiding from yourself may be the key to realizing your full potential. What you see before you may simply be misdirection.

Patience is a powerful ally this Full Moon.
If you can, wait until the New Moon is in Pisces on March 11th to start solidifying plans and taking action, and if possible wait until First Quarter moon on the 19th, two days after Mercury leaves retrograde, to make any major commitments. If you can’t wait, we recommend using Van Van Oil to help offset any negative effects. Check out our article – Inside Van Van Oil, or just pick up a bottle of Van Van Oil from our shop.

Personal Interactions around the Full Moon

The exacting Virgo Full Moon on February 25 reminds you to pay attention to your feelings, but with mercury in retrograde, it may be better to keep them to yourself to avoid conflict, especially if you see something being “done wrong.” The shadow side of Virgo is negativity, overboard criticism and sickness. Be very mindful in your interactions with others and even with yourself. Because Virgo can be such a stickler, it can give a boost to the inner critic.

Sometimes, you are just trying to be helpful. But this is more likely to come across as micromanagement in the workplace or meddling in your personal life. It’s much better to voice appreciation of people’s efforts and not get hung up on results.

Let go of the judgment and resentment which can close up our hearts and toxify our system to truly make us sick. This goes for how you talk to yourself as well as others.

Virgo Full Moon Self Care

Virgo can be very self- critical because all the details surface, but it is also the sign for healing and proper self-care. On February 25th, Chiron, known as the wounded healer is in conjunction with the Sun in Pisces. Chiron joins five other planets in Pisces, the sign of unity, compassion and enlightened consciousness.  With all this energy toward healing, compassion and oneness, this Virgo full moon signifies a time of taking care of our needs, wholistically, and observing how we look after ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. Virgo gives us the opportunity to expand beyond our limitations. This energy helps us to look at the messages of our dreams and vision and make them a reality with the assistance of the practical Virgo lunar energy. So take a personal inventory, take a little extra time and appreciate other people’s efforts, and take time to honor and care for your own unique self.

To see what’s coming up with future moon phases, check out our 2013 moon phase chart.

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