Full Wolf Moon in Cancer January 2017

Full Wolf Moon in Cancer January 2017

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The January 12th full moon is most popularly known as the Full Wolf Moon. Other Tribes have other names, but they are all of a theme: the January full moon the Snow Moon, Cold Moon, Ice Moon, Hard Time Moon. Celtic and British names for the January moon included Wolf Moon, Stay Home Moon, Moon after Yule. The Ogham moon calendar has this moon in the month of Birch which goes from December 24 to January 20th.

Sure, the January 12 Full Moon is at 22°27′ Cancer. But the sign actually falls in the decan that contains the Two Twins (Castor and Pollux) of Gemini Constellation. So, take the watery emotions of Cancer and throw in sibling rivalry and a lot of creativity. In myth, they were Good Twin and Bad Twin, Mortal vs Immortal and Safe vs Rash. Normally, when you toss a coin, it lands heads or tails, but with this moon, we might find the coin spinning, revealing the other side in unexpected flashes. Secret agendas will be tough to keep hidden, and what looks dark may reveal new paths to the light. As the night falls, look for Venus in the west, shining brightly in Aquarius, reminding us that Love is there to guide us through.

This January full moon is square both Uranus in Aries (20 degrees) and Jupiter in Libra (22 degrees), which are in opposition to each other. Think cosmic Tesla coil energy and you will approach the sparks and Thunderbolts which will fly. If you are ready to tap into the energy, you can use it, but you may still get zapped! Since it is the wolf moon, you may find yourself letting loose your voice creatively as well. Or, alternatively, you may find it is best for you to stay home and safe because the wolves are howling.

The incense or oil for Cancer is Frankincense.

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