Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

Full Wolf Moon in Cancer

Sometimes you’ve got to howl at the moon, and the January full moon in cancer is one where our emotions are in full play. The energies for the sign of Cancer can help you get to the heart of the matter to know what you need to be secure in the coming months. But if you aren’t paying attention, you may find yourself turning against yourself in self-doubt or criticism. What is the best way to navigate this time? Check out our video and then read the rest of this article.

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Every time there is a full moon, there is a measure of opposition between the Sun and the Moon, an energetic back and forth at play. The Moon is lighting up an inner experience and the Sun is lighting up a conscious feelings. For January 2015, the moon is in Cancer and the Sun is in Capricorn.
Full Wolf Moon in Cancer Astro Chart

Cancer at Home in the Moon

Every sign has a celestial body which “rules” that sign. For Cancer, it is the moon. So basically, this is a position cancer is quite at home in, and the properties of cancer play out even more strongly. The moon in cancer is about how we feel at home in the world, where we find nurturing, depth, and emotional connection.

Time for Change

There are other astrological aspects in play with this full moon, as well. Uranus and Pluto have been at right angles, off and on from 2012-2015 especially, and will again be moving into an exact square this year. These outer planets bring about big changes which last for generations. In these positions, we are talking about revolutionary changes. They aren’t necessarily violent, but these are the moments where history is made, both in our lives and in our communities, in the environment and on the world stage.

Sun in Capricorn

Capricorn likes structure, rules and systems of healthy work and how things are “meant” to be. So the Cancer/Capricorn balance is one of inner longing and a desire for external structures which, if not balanced with the nurturing energies, can become rigid dogma; walls which become barriers; rules which break us before we break them. Take a breath, lighten up and find your balance. How?

Energy Work

We can work with the earth energies of stones and the air energies of aromatherapy to help support our visualization processes. What helps with remembering who we really are underneath our emotional waves?

Peace of Heart

The gemstone of January is Garnet, a root chakra stone, and is good for loyalties, relationships, making sure you are with the right people and putting your focus on the things that matter. Put the stone on your altar, carry it in a pocket or bag, or wear it. In your daily devotional or meditation time around the full moon, take the time to connect with the energy and the things you wish to manifest. Stones are beautiful reminders of what we need to focus on, and they can help clarify and amplify the energy that is going towards your intention.

To balance out the “must be this way” Sun in Capricorn and the pressure of New Years resolutions, try a calming aromatherapy solution like our Anxiety Relief essential oil blend. Scent really  hooks into your memory and if you use a scent when you are in a ritual setting, or as you sit in meditation to focus on a goal, when you experience the scent again, you can experience that ritual moment again and reinforce the experience and learning associated with it. Powerful stuff!

New Year’s Vision

Instead of a list, think about the long term destination. Where do you want to be heading on your map of growth? As individuals, families and communities, where do we want to be in a month’s time, or in a year’s time? Start with the vision, then add a resolution, and if that doesn’t work out, remember your vision of the new directions you are taking. It might mean an adjustment here or there, adjusting to the winds of time. Resolve to be gentle with yourself and adjust your goals as need be.

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