Gemini New Moon June 8th

Gemini New Moon June 8th

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New moon in Gemini

June 8th, 2013 10:59:01 AM 18° 01′ Gemini

Gemini New MoonPeople have been asking, “Are you sure Mercury isn’t retrograde yet?”

Nope, that’s not happening until the end of June. But Mercury is Square Uranus and as we near our new moon in Gemini, the effects probably feel very similar, with communication misfires.  Here are the pertinent aspects of this lunar phase.

Crazy Communications & Impulsive Insights

Sun conjunct Moon (aka new moon)

At this New Moon in Gemini there is a strong self-awareness.  Variety and polarity is the stuff of life at this point, and you feel distinctly uncomfortable if you are asked to identify yourself with one single direction or opinion. Your curiosity is strong, and you can find meaning in small things that might normally seem insignificant.

Painful memories of miscommunications and feelings of being misunderstood are prevalent now.   At this time, you are seeing multiple aspects of a situation and this manifests as a lack of focus. When you try to communicate, too many possibilities come out at once.  A misunderstanding with someone close to you might trigger some deep reflection.  That’s the key, to reflect and not get sucked below the surface.

You can get caught in a whirlwind of explanations and miscues which only make things worse. Try letting go of some of those complexities until the situation calms itself. Delight is not found in one piece of the puzzle or the other, but the way they interconnect to make a whole. So take a step back from picking out the details and let it all fall into place without your help.

Mercury square Uranus

You might find it difficult to be heard or understood. Thoughts bend in obtuse directions, and it becomes hard to follow your own tangents, let alone someone else’s. (Yes, very similar to Mercury retrograde.) Interruptions abound and frustrate when you are trying to finish what you have to say, or you find yourself talking over others in an attempt to get your own ideas heard.  The result is a cacophony of voices where no one can really hear anyone else.

Be aware it will be easy to alienate people through interrupting or being provocative, or simply coming up with wild ideas which are neither here nor there. You are more open to the unconventional; yet these startling insights are easily misunderstood. It’s better to redirect your impulse to share your personal vision to finding a greater vision which you can share.

Shared Vision

Saturn trine Neptune

Your concern with making dreams real, and bringing visions down to earth is your anchor.  True meaning is found in some form of service in which you sacrifice personal ambition for a universal cause. So get out there, focus on listening and linking together with others to manifest a shared dream.  Fortunately, this aspect has the longest duration after New Moon, so cling to it. (Sun, Moon & Mercury are all relatively quick-paced and will move out of these challenging aspects soon.)

Other than just riding out the next few days and redirecting your attention to a greater vision, you can use a remedy which helps when Mercury is retrograde, it will help this affliction as well. A little Van Van Oil can help smooth out all this mercuric mayhem. Fortunately on June 8th we are launching our new Organic Van Van Oil, so come on down to the Eye to try it out! Okay, shameless pitch, but the timing is perfect, and that’s a planned coincidence. We saw this coming, and we wanted to offer some help.

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