May New Moon in Taurus 2018

May New Moon in Taurus 2018

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by Thraicie Hawkner

Astrology Chart for the New Moon in Taurus, May 15th 2018

Astrological chart for May 15th New Moon 2018

Time to prioritize your self-worth and personal values

This month’s New Moon is in Taurus on Tuesday, May 15th at 6:48 am in Minneapolis. In this article, we will explore the Astrological energies and suggest some good candles, stones and herbs for your ritual.

As you move forward and achieve goals, Taurus, the bull will help you maintain the ground you have won, so you can move forward. But you need to dig in and hold strong. Don’t lose your footing. Take steps to stabilize your finances. Surround yourself with those who are reliable and supportive and distance yourself from those who are not. Job-hunting is more likely to yield a steady job with regular income, during the influence of this new moon. Invest in quality, fine things, and even property, especially for the long-term.

Mars Works with Capricorn to Get You to Your Goal

Simultaneous to the new moon, Mars moves through the last degree of Capricorn.  This brings our drives and ambitions to a crescendo of maturity and self-discipline.  Now is the time to put any finishing touches on your plans, and fine-tune your strategies.  Accomplish any goal you’ve been working toward. Start thinking about where you want to apply your next efforts.  Capricorn helps you get things wrapped-up, so you can use the energy of this New Moon to move on to the next project.

Uranus Invites us to take the Long View 

Uranus has just entered Taurus, and will spend the next seven years in that sign.  Over those years, we are apt to see big changes in societal values and focus. Cultural priorities will shift, especially in terms of financial systems and the way we view personal wealth and prosperity. So think longer term.  

Tensions and Conflicts – Let Your Triggers Teach You

Everyone is experiencing the extreme drives of Mars and Uranus at the same time, because they are squared. For the week before and after the New Moon, emotions get a bit edgy.  If our goals are in conflict, we can unintentionally sabotage each other. We may experience other people’s efforts as an unjust attack upon our own. This attitude can create a spiral of conflict.  If we come to understand our own triggers and reactions, we can avoid being hooked into cycles of drama and cooperate better with others.

Build Your Personal Power Kit for the May New Moon

Green 1.5 x 7.5 inch Pillar Candle, Scented with Bergamot and Clove

Prosperity Blessed Herbal Candle

We have some suggestions for materials to help you focus on Success, Stability, or Prosperity. We’ll start with charged purpose

candles available Eye of Horus! Just follow the links:

If you work with crystal gemstones, you might like our choice of

Gravel Root Cut and Sifted

Gravel Root

If magical herbs are your thing for creating your own mojo bag, incense, or potpourri, try these. Note, we do not sell herbs for tea or supplements. For external use only. Some are herbs are toxic. These are meant for magical work with the plant spirits.

Trust your intuition to help you combine candles, stones, herbs, oils etc. to create your own ritual and build your personal power kit for this Taurus New Moon. The New moon influence is strongest for three days before, and three days after, May 15th.

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