New Moon in Aquarius and a February Challenge

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Feb 10th, 2013 01:22:46 AM CST

New Moon – 21° 43′ Aquarius

The exceptionally powerful new moon in Aquarius takes place at 21 degrees in the very early morning on February 10th.  Your intention should be innovative and designed to liberate you. As the New Moon Squares the nodes it becomes a crossroads between future and past.  If you find yourself in that in-between state, the liminal place, don’t think of yourself as stuck. Consider it the Dreamtime, or the Ground of Being, where all that potential is, where you are now.

New Moon is goal time, and with the new moon in Aquarius, we’re looking at creative, innovative, exciting and collaborative things. So think about what exactly it is you want to manifest with the New Moon Energy. Be specific and write it all out. Actually write down a few things, a sentence or paragraph.

I was reading a fitness blog about a February Challenge presented by the Movement Minneapolis.  It wasn’t about what you would think… not necessarily about working out or losing weight. Instead it was about, basically, making the most of what you’ve got by driving the top line, that is, adding to the things which help you to thrive rather than just survive.  Perfect for New Moon in Aquarius!

The February Challenge

How to Add Experiences to your “Top Line”

The top line, in life, represents all of the wonderful experiences and good things happening in your life. The middle, the “expenses,” are the things you’d like to change — bad habits and negative people. When the top line is greater than the expenses, you have a positive bottom line — or a deeply satisfying way of life…


  • The new experience can be toward a specific GRAND GOAL or completely RANDOM to see where things will end up
  • The new experience must be ACTIVE. It can’t just be a new thought or feeling.
  • You must ADD a new experience – removing an old habit is a bonus, but does not count as a new experience.  (Inclusion = Top Line. Exclusion = Bottom Line.)
  • If the GRAND GOAL changes, you must celebrate as this is a sign that you have changed, learned, grown, progressed, THRIVED.
  • The new experience cannot be repeated as a second new experience during the February challenge. However, if you feel like continuing yesterday’s newexperience, feel free, just add another new experience today.
  • Not doing something does not count as a new experience (remember, inclusion not exclusion).
  • You must document your new experience. It can be a big description or a one liner.

~excerpt from The Movement Minneapolis Blog Post

Take your time to write out exactly what it is you wish to manifest with the New Moon energy. Be specific. Get into a manifesting state of mind. That is,  make sure your mind-set is in a positive and hopeful mood, and most of all feel it in your heart and bones.  As always, we recommend you make a ritual out of it.  Use a special pen or paper, anoint a candle and burn it, cleanse and make the space sacred. That way you can be assured that what you write will reach beyond the page, and enter into the place where the future is born, and will begin to come to fruition.

Continue to list new experiences throughout February using the rules above, and do remember to let us know how this works for you!

Conceive, Believe and Receive

The Moon crests at 1:22:46 AM CST on the 10th , so you can start to write out your desires, wishes, resolutions and affirmations anytime on the 9th, with the  evening hours having the most momentum towards manifestation.

Think about how great it will feel to use the natural forces of the Universal energy to enhance and better your life! Okay, so it sounds a little like, “Use the Force, Luke…” but then, it is a lot like that.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it. ~Roald Dahl

Remember the magic and beauty in each moment — find and expand your internal and eternal enchantment with the February Challenge — and you will do more than just get by, or get through, or get over.  You will thrive!

Join us as we open our minds to new creativity, our hearts to joy, and open our eyes to the possibilities waiting just for us.  Build on the Aquarian outlook with fixed determination, and you will enter into a relationship with the Limitless.

So use this New Moon to step deeper into the age of Aquarius with the February Challenge, and share this post if you find it useful… that’s very Aquarian, as well.

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