Sagittarius New Moon Monday

Sagittarius New Moon Monday

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Sagittarius ♐

Sagittarius New Moon

Envision and Embark

This is the sign of the Centaur and Archer,  and is ruled by Jupiter and brings the energy of protection, money and intuitive guidance. Optimism and looking forward are keywords for this new moon. Here’s all the details…

06:22:19 PM Central Standard Time
10° 59′ Sagittarius

This Sagittarius New Moon is fertile for growth, if you can embrace all that growth entails. Sometimes there are growing pains, we’d like to avoid, but they make us adapt and become something more. Waken the visionary in you and expand your ideas of what you deem possible. We’re talking Jupiter here, it’s a big planet!  Monday is a good day to orient yourself and launch through the gate. Give yourself a running start, but be ready to reach a pace that will sustain you into the new year.

Make sure you give yourself space during this time, a little extra time for yourself, some extra time outdoors, and especially space for your dreams. If you tend to confine yourself, you know, play it safe, be practical to a fault, don’t. Stop trying to be realistic and if you catch yourself holding back, remember now is not the time. Sagittarius is a powerful force which can launch you further than you’ve dared dream. So dare, dream and keep going!

If you are a big planner and don’t know all of the details of how you will get from here to there, don’t worry to much. Sagittarius is the director behind the scenes, putting those key missing pieces in place, so try to have patience. Do what you can, and just breathe. Let the centaur carry you over that unfamiliar terrain. Sagittarius is all about moving forward, so now is not the time to hit the breaks. You don’t need to race, just keep going.

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  1. do you do akashic readings–i think thats what they are.. its your life story–i read about it in echoes of the soul by echo bodine

    • Hi Jodi, we don’t currently have anyone who does akashic readings. But we have a new book coming which helps you to tap in yourself…

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