The Secret and the LOA

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Is it really the Law of Attraction? Let’s examine that. This concept is being touted as a Universal Law, like the Law of Gravity. A Universal Law is something that demonstrably works every time. The clearest explanation I’ve found of why it ain’t so, Joe, is provided by Skeptico at:

Hey! You say. Isn’t this a metaphysical blog? Well, yes, Virginia, it is.  As a rational, thinking practitioner of metaphysical philosophy, I can definitively state that what you think, manifests. Sometimes. Quite often, in fact. But often not in the way you think it will, often at an angle, and often not in any physical way whatever. If you want to say, “Always” then The Law of Attention might be a better term for this phenomena.  When you pay attention to a thought, idea, or goal, you are more likely to notice opportunities you would have overlooked before. You notice the synchronicity Jung wrote about. All those odd little coincidences which lead you on a marvelous path. Now, if all you are doing is visualizing and not paying attention and following those clues, it ain’t gonna do you squat. Well, maybe it’ll bend a bit, but not quite squat. The fact is, if all you do is start paying attention more than the other schmucks in this pre-occupied splatter-punk modern world we live in, you will find new levels of living.

Law of Attachment
But the way this whole Secret/LOA thing is being presented is really more like a Law of Attachment (which means Buddhists need not apply) or the Law Of Avarice: I want what I want and how do I get what I want and I deserve what I want, so I believe. It’s easy to believe in something that promises you the world on a platter.

But what if the world isn’t yours, or mine, or God/Goddess’s to dole out to his/her favorites.  What if the world is the world and we are part of it, not owners, not the shapers–at least not more of a shaper than a dolphin or a butterfly?  Maybe we are just a piece in that puzzle. We do not exist to collect or control other pieces, but to figure out where we fit in and make the whole thing come into a balance and harmony. I mean, because once you know you belong, you realize you already have everything, because you realize you are a part of everything, which is the exact opposite of this Attachment and Avarice which makes bestsellers. Maybe The Secret “they” don’t want you to know is that “they” are doing their darndest so you don’t view things in such a way. They want you to want and need, and they’ll sell you The Secret. 

Which brings us to:

The Law of Attrition
The Law of Attrition is demonstrated by true believers in the pyramid-scheme of abundance who managed to time their jump onto the bandwagon just right, and actually seem to manifest whatever they want. Anyone late to the game is considered not really serious, or they aren’t visualizing right or believing enough, etc. So the true believers have their proof using a circular form of false-logic. If it worked for them and the people they riff off of, it must be true for everyone. And everyone knows there is only one truth and everyone must benefit from the one truth, right? Right?

But really, maybe we should be looking at the pure diversity of life and philosophy embodied by all of the myriad definitions for LOA found on the TheFreeDictionary:

I mean, are all these people talking about the power of LOA really talking about the Lesbians Of America, or quite possibly, the periodontal disease of the Loss Of Attachment.  Maybe it is Life Of Agony? It’s really enough to give one a Loss Of Appetite. But there’s one more possibility that any metaphysician worth his or her himalayan salt must consider:

Or is it really just the Loa playing with us? According to Wikipedia:
 The Loa (also Lwa or L’wha) are the spirits of the Vodou religion practiced in Haiti, and other parts of the world. They are also referred to as the Mystères and the Invisibles.

It’s all just a mystery, and the powers don’t really care whether or not you get your corvette.

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  1. I find books and programs like The Secret to be on one hand trying to help people ascend, but on the other hand, trying to simply make money. The path of spiritual progression is a difficult path that requires everyone who follows it to let go of their worldly attachments. This is true in all religions.

    It doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy air conditioning, nice cars and plasma televisions. What it means is that if the Gods decide it’s time for you to let go of them (say through a lost job, tornado, etc.), you are able to let them go without regret. Most people cannot do this, as their Stuff gives them their sense of security and pleasure.

    Books like The Secret appear to be trying to help people on this path, but instead, they have watered down the material to the point that it becomes drivel. They say that using the Loa (whichever definition you prefer), you can get all the Stuff you want. This is the sugar that makes the medicine go down. The problem is that this sugar will prevent the medicine from working at all.

    In the end, it makes the people they claim to want to help poorer and the writers richer. And nobody took any steps toward their ascension.


  2. hmmm, well I have to say that I do believe in the Law of Attraction; and did so far before the Secret was shown on Oprah. I do think that everything is energy and what you put your thoughts, your time, your effort into, becomes your reality…and if you spend your time fearing and worrying about things, then you tend to attract the very things you feared.

    the problem I see with “The Secret” is that is does tend to focus on the Material wants. And if you are a miserable, selfish egotistical jerk who somehow visualizes and materialzes millions of dollars into your life, you will still be a miserable, selfish, egotistical jerk with a million dollars…you won’t be ‘happy’, but I suppose you will get what you thought you wanted.

    I think people need to think about what it is that they really want, and if you can dig deep enough, we really don’t want material things…we want the feelings we think they bring. So I don’t know, I guess everyone who intends to utilize this way of thinking should be very careful about what they wish for, because it might not be what they actually wanted.

  3. I was doing positive prosperity affirmations for three days when I got this cool couch TOTALLY FREE! See my cool Reiki Artist Blog for a picture.

    Of course having a generous best friend for the past 15 years who was redecorating her living room was just a freak accident and totally unrelated to the new couch arriving on my doorstep. There is also the Rule of Three – what you put out into the world comes back to you three times. But thankful it’s not a law, so we can wax philisophical about RoT all we want without attracting too much attention.

  4. I have to say that I have many “reservations” over “The Secret.” I had heard from several people for months about “The Secret” and the things I was told… my reaction was either like “duhhh… I have already been doing that for years… basically since I was born.” or the complete opposite “WTF are you talking about???” or “Why do you think you need to cut yourself out of the Universal Consciousness in order to succeed in the physical reality?”

    I personally feel that “The Secret” is a great stepping stone into psychic reality, spiritual enlightenment, or whatever… though, it leaves a LOT more basic fundamentals out.

    Personally, I have come to believe, and see, that “The Secret” was developed the for the “Love and Fluff” people that have cut out their Ego Centers and have only been Heart Chakra conscious… and as we know if you cut our your Ego… your entire Human Energy System becomes unstable… so obviously, someone had to come up with something to get the “Love and Fluff” people paying attention to the Ego again.

    Even with that said though, I do still think that “The Secret” does… to a point… have some valuable lessons in it… though, I think the DVD is very “introductory.”

  5. In response to SchaOn – I think The Secret was devoloped for everyone who longs for something better in their life and isn’t getting it. I’m not sure where it says to cut yourself out of the Universal Consciousness, though, it depends on which “expert” is being quoted or is speaking at the time.

    Love is wonderful, deep and transformative. It’s the energy source that the Secret is talking about. “Fluff” fogs the energy of love, and while comforting to some, no resulting transformation will result, just temporary warm fuzzy feelings.

    “The Secret” is an introduction to the Law of Attraction – which is merely side-effect of life, and can possibly be channeled as a tool.

  6. “The Secret” is a great book for absolute beginners, as is the DVD. Granted, it is basic – very basic – to many of us, but then so is “ABC 123” elementary to a person in a higher grade. (College students don’t mock 1st graders do they?)

    Yes, The Secret does focus more on the materialistic side of things, which I disagree with, as those are part of the illussion of this realm, but if it gets someone’s foot in the proverbial door, metaphysically speaking, then so be it.

    The key is to take the next step beyond what The Secret offers. The desire, the seeking, those should should come from within one’s self, not within any text, guru or scroll.

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