June 2nd – Full Moon in Sagittarius

June 2nd – Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Strawberry  Moon 11º Sagittarius Tuesday, June 2 at 11:19am Central time.

This full moon is also known as the Corn-Planting moon. Europeans called it the Rose Moon. Pagans may refer to it as the mead moon or the honey moon (which is particularly appropriate for one month after Beltaine). It is also called the Thunder Moon for this often stormy time, and with Mercury Retrograde, it fits.

Astrologer Heather Roan Robbins and High Priestess Thraicie Hawkner go into details of why we may feel more irritated, prone to accidents, and need some extra grounding. Mercury is in retrograde and due to various aspects it is particularly powerful. But there are unique opportunities, too!

Check out the latest full moon video below, and then read the rest of the article to get the details on the astrological influences and magical possibilities.

Mercury Retrograde through June 11th

This is an unusual Mercury Retrograde because Mercury is in Gemini, it’s own sign and it is square Neptune on the full moon, and will Square Neptune on the Summer Solstice.

So we want to talk, we want to share. We are in output mode with Mercury the messenger being so powerful right now. But, since Mercury is retrograde it is a time which is rife with errors in communication, so double check what you are hearing and saying. Think twice, and wait five seconds before blurting things out.

This is also a very magical time when our intuition rises and expands, but so is our imagination. The trick is to discern the difference between the two. Be very careful about reading the answers, take the time to double-check. Here are some energetic tools to help at this time.

Organic Van Van Oil helps with mercury retrograde or any time you need a boost of good luck energy

Organic Van Van Oil

  • Prehnite is a stone which will help filter out confusion and clarify any messages you are receiving.
  • VanVan Oil and Van Van Spray – tuned to Mercury, it helps with communications and general smoothing the way and turning bad luck to good and good luck better
  • Lemongrass herb – This is one of the ingredients of Van Van oil, and can be used in a sachet, or it is also often used in Asian cooking.

The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all coming close together and really charging up that impetus to shine a light and communicate, but don’t let Mars make a fight out of something which doesn’t need to be. You need to rein in that martial energy when it intrudes inappropriately.

Full Moon in Sagittarius

There is no grounding supported from the Stars for this full moon. None of the planets other than Pluto are in an earth sign, and Pluto is so far away, it won’t be of much help to keep you centered and on firm footing. You need to choose to bring the element of earth into your practice or ritual for this full moon.

One great way to get grounded is to literally work with earth by gardening, or you could taking off your shoes and putting your feet on the ground (or grass). You can also take a bit of earth with you by carrying or wearing some Hematite.

Just after it turns full, the moon trines Jupiter and Uranus later that night and opens up possibilities. So it is a perfect time to cut ties with the old and move forward. Let go of an old love, a bad habit, a situation that didn’t work. It’s about releasing old paths and dropping old baggage off and stepping into tomorrow lighter and ready for new opportunities and relationships.

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