Wendy Rule Returns (updated)

Wendy Rule Returns (updated)

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On July 5th, Australian Wendy Rule and Minnesota Nordic Roots performer Kari Tauring are re-united in this double-concert at Patrick’s Cabaret.

UPDATE. For those of you who think this is just your run-of-the mill concert, check out this video featuring Wendy calling the quarters and Kari playing her Stav in the background. This was from a prior Minneapolis visit. This is so much more than performance. It is ritual.

Both are modern mystics who draw on ancient myth to lead their audiences on sonic trip to the otherworld, invoking nature, fairies and dieties, as well as just providing great music. As a bonus, Wendy is offering her Ritual Music Meditation Workshop on the full moon before the concert.

Presented by Eye of Horus Metaphysical, this intimate double-concert event at 120 seat Patrick’s Cabaret features two extraordinary performers whose music has been called otherworldly and transcendent.

What: Concert at Patrick’s Cabaret
When: Thursday, July 5th 7:30-10:00pm
Where: Patrick’s Cabaret
Tickets: $17 in advance (buy online from the Eye) or call 612-872-1292

Wild, passionate and empowering, Australian Visionary Songstress Wendy Rule, weaves together music, mythology and ritual to take her audience on a transcendent journey of depth and passion. With the recent release in May 2010 of her sixth full length studio album, Guided by Venus, Wendy has firmly established herself as one of Australia’s most uniquely gifted and prolific artists.

Rolling Stone (Australian Edition)
Gothic torch meets spiritual grunge in cathartic cabaret.
Her lyrics are littered with references to astrological and goddess mythologies.
Wendy Rule creates dark, sensual sonic theatre… compelling stuff.

Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne
Fans of this talented Melbourne singer find her little short of mesmerising.

The Age Good Weekend, Melbourne
Blessed with a voice that purrs and soars.

Minneapolis Völva (staff carrier) Kari Tauring will open the show with the otherworldly sounds of lokkr, (summoning calls), accompanied by stav and tein. Huldrelokk, vardlokk, and rune galder blend with Norwegian folk songs and Old Norse Eddic poems to create fresh, environmentally driven compositions. Kari takes her cues from the energy of the room, the Earth, the audience itself. Her performance will take you on a journey through space and time, ancestral and Earth memory.

If you consider Björk the high priestess of vocal-centric, Nordic-rooted experimental sounds, then try the middle priestess of that same genre, Kari Tauring. ~Chris Clayton, Twin Cities Metro.

Ritual Music Meditation Workshop

July 3rd (Tuesday) 7-10pmWendy Rule Ritual Music Meditation Workshop

This wonderful workshop is a joyous expression of Wendy Rule’s years as a workshop facilitator, musician, and Witch. Joined by her husband Timothy Van Diest, they create improvised soundscapes to lead into deep ritual. With each element, Wendy sings herself into a sacred trance, and fluidly move between song and spoken word meditation. As a group, you will cast circle, dance, sing and laugh.

This is a rare opportunity to be in intimate Ritual space together during a full moon. Truly transformative and definitely magical. Don’t miss out! The feedback from this workshop has been overwhelmingly positive! Pre-registration is required. Call 612-872-1292 or…

What: Ritual Meditation Workshop with Wendy Rule
When: Tuesday, July 3rd 7:00-10:00pm (we are staying open late for this)
Where: Eye of Horus Metaphysical
Tickets: $55 Register online now – space is limited!

Wendy has taught workshops worldwide, but this is the first time she’s offered a workshop in Minnesota.  We are thrilled to be able to present this. Space is limited to 25 participants.

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