The Witchy Songs Playlist

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Here is an eclectic mix of music that modern witches can enjoy. With 100+ songs, the list covers witchcraft, voodoo, divination, and more for hours of witchy goodness. The playlist spans both genres and generations, and definitely explores stereotypes. Please note that this is not devotional music, though there are some pagan artists and songs which do honor and come from the craft, including Wendy Rule, S.J. Tucker, Emerald Rose and Damh the Bard. If you do want to explore pagan music, check out the selection at the Eye of Horus.

This Witchysongs playlist is mostly just for fun and features a variety of artists, from Frank Sinatra singing Witchcraft, to the Wytches by Inkubus Sukkubus, and Krokus is followed by Jethro Tull.  So, sit for a spell and circle ’round and tune in to the witchy music vibe via this Spotify playlist. If you like it, remember to share… thanks!

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