Gaia shudders

Our thoughts, prayers, and Magickal intent for healing go out to the other side of the world. I will be brief, since we only have time to take a breath as we start the work of healing.

Gaia herself is reeling as the result of the quake. Scientists say the rotation of the earth may be affected: CCN Story The quake has even changed the layout of the surface of the earth as islands shift.

I am disappointed at the relatively low monitary commitment “my” government is willing to make and the time it took for us to say anything. The $35 million we are contributing drained our emergency relief fund. To put things in perspective, we have spent more than 42,000 times this amount on the Iraq war. (Sources: Center for American Progress & We have blown the strength of our nation on killing, when it is desperately needed to save lives. Thus, just as individuals are buying materials for soldiers to help them in surviving the war, I know that we can step up and contribute to the greatest humanitarian relief effort in history.

Peace & Wisdom to you all

Calendar Facelift

The calendar has now been updated with the “new look” and links to match the online store.

Current Workings

I’m working on a little intro-article for the upcoming holiday, Imbolc, and further info about the goddess Brigid, and I ran across a cewl website: one person’s scholarly journey.