Red vs. Blue Nag Champa

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Some of you have noted that our intrepid incense taster decided to take the summer off.  There was an attempt to make him work in July, but the level of disinterest and disdain was clear. Summer is for lounging. So we decided to come back with the question that has plagued our store for years . . . which is the better Nag Champa? The Classic Hippie Blue Box or the Woman-supporting Red Box?

Two boxes, 15 grams each, side by side, and lo and behold, I got side-by-side cats looking at these things I laid on the rug before them . . . one sniff was all it took to make it clear there was no interest, none, nada.  I tried shaking boxes–but it was as uninteresting as a presidential debate. In desperation, we even had a catnip interlude to raise the heart-rate and general interest in the task at hand.  Finally, I decided to raid our stash of other incenses . . .

1. Sniff  2. Ho  3. Hum  4.?

1. Sniff 2. Ho 3. Hum 4.?

Alas, even with the addition of Hem Lavender Incense, and Primo Sandalwood, Merlin could not be moved. So, in complete desperation, I upped the ante . . .

Mini-sticks added to the mix

Hidden in my stash, there was a sampler pack of mini-sticks of Auroshikha Incense.  With a full 18 flavors to choose from, surely, Merlin would find at least one scent which would meet with his approval. I threw out one handful, and was about to throw the second, when Merlin just went bonkers and carved one of the mini-incenses out of the pile to play with.

Could it be he finally found an incense he approved of? Could it be that Merlin was neither Red nor Blue, but completely Independent in his choice? His party, er package of choice was yellow, not red-hot nor cool blue, and I had no idea what scent it was.

He was quick as Border-Collie herding sheep, only he was rolling all over, and even licking and gnawing on the lamb-sized (in comparison) package of incense. After some additional lovin’ of the Auroshikha, he let me get a look at the label. (Truthfully, I yanked it from his maw.)  He chose Patchouli Auroshikha. Proving, yet again, that cats are, indeed Independent. Also, reminding us that he just plain doesn’t like floral incense (too femme for a big boy like him), and given the option, he will go for something with a bit more spice.

Here’s the full sequence of the entire event in a photo gallery (complete with detailed comments, if you click on the thumbnails).

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