Torn Between Two Sandalwoods

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We gave Merlin a choice between two sandalwood incenses this time, and he dived right in like a pro. Sandalwood is one of his favorite scents, but who can tell the difference from one sandalwood incense to the next? We picked Sandalwood for June because it is a mostly Gemini month. Sandalwood is one of the traditional incenses of Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, plus it is widely available. (When was the last time you found storax or mace incense–two other choices for Gemini Incense?)

Although we have several brands of Sandalwood incense, including the Japanese Morningstar he chose before, we picked two of our most popular Indian brands. HEM Precious Chandan is well-known and widely available. We have both the 8 stick square box as shown in the photos, plus the 20 stick hex box and jumbo 100 stick box for true fans. The other sandalwood incense we gave Merlin choose from is the authentic Ayurvedic Sandalwood by Auromere.

Unlike the May choice, we didn’t have to egg Merlin on at all. He homed right in, giving the Auromere a sniff, and the precious Chandan a rub, seriously considering each scent.  But it didn’t take long for him to choose the Auromere. Was it the handy textural packaging which made it so easy for paws to grab and hug? Or was it the authentic Ayurvedic preparation?

Our other cat, Amber, came to investigate. She sniffed the Chandan Merlin didn’t choose, but if it doesn’t move on its own or have a tail, she loses interest quickly.

Merlin gave the Auromere some serious attention, and then did his best to hide it beneath his body.  I think he’s figured out that although he can have the incense for a moment, we will take it away from him.

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  1. Kristine Barstow says

    I loved the catalog I received in the mail. For a first it was fantastic.


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