Samhain’s Seasons of Passages

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Robin Goodfellow

It’s almost upon us, that turning of the celtic year, the rememberance of our ancestors, and the eve of the tricksters powers. For those of you into lore and myth and archetypes, check out the latest edition of Mythic Passages, the monthly zine of the Mythic Imagination Institute. The Focus for October is the Trickster, from Robin Goodfellow as explored in an article by John Matthews, to a discussion of Coyote by Brenda Sutton. Explore the meaning of Liminality from the Mythic Glossary or the Jewish festival of Sukkot or zman simchateinu, the season of joy.

Also included in this issue of Mythic Passages is a poem of love, for rememberance of John M. Ford by Minneapolis poet, and Eye of Horus friend, Elise Matthesen. Response to an Unwritten Poem of Yours Called “Sorrow for Breathing”


  1. I just wanted to add a quick note that the memorial service for John M. Ford was lovely. So much of the Eulogy was taken from his own writings, that it seemed more like his own reflection on life than others on the outside looking in. I think he was a kind of sf writing guru in the truest sense of the word. You couldn’t have a conversation with him and not be better for it . . . smarter, more interesting, or more interested in something you never thought of before.

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