The Blood Books – Hot Noir by Tanya Huff

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The Blood Books are a series of Vampire, Detective, Romance, Noir novels by Tanya Huff. The stories were initially published in the early 90’s and are now a very popular series on Lifetime that I haven’t seen, but a second season starts on Oct. 13th. I have read the books, all of them, because when I started on the first one I couldn’t put it down. They are combined in three volumes:

  • Vol I: Blood Trail & Blood Price
  • Vol II: Blood Lines & Blood Pact
  • Vol III: Blood Debt & Blood Bank

The story begins with Victoria Nelson, Ex-Toronto PD, now private investigator who stumbles upon a bizarre and bloody crime scene. With the help of a friend/lover who’s still on the force (Michael Celluci) and a short, fair and handsome stranger (Henry Fitzroy) she cracks the case and saves the world.

Have I dropped a spoiler in my review? Not really, this book is the first in a five part series featuring these three characters they have to survive the first novel. Have I been too succinct? Well, Huff does an excellent job of balancing several different types of tale into one. There’s a passionate, never maudlin, love triangle with the independent woman torn between returning to the security of a well known relationship and the lure of thrills and excitement with a handsome stranger. There’s the suspense and action of a well written detective story as the intrepid trio search for a killer; and there’s the mystery and horror of good occult fantasy wherein the manner of murder doesn’t seem humanly possible; all skillfully woven together by the gifted Tanya Huff. There’s something for everyone.

The characters are vibrant and real. The stories are well paced; each book flowing smoothly together within the overall arc of the series while standing well on it”s own. “The Blood Books” are well written, exciting, funny and we have them in stock.

– KayCee

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