Turning the Wheels of Life

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Close-up of cover with chakras

Wheels of Light Chakra

One of the most often recommended books on Chakras, Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith, Ph.D. is subtitled as “a users guide to the chakra system” and it does a good job of living up to it’s title. Many books on this subject are written for a reader already familiar with the intricacies of yoga and the mythology of India. Those are great if you were raised with that, but for the western reader, Wheels of Life is a better, more readable introduction. That’s not to say that it doesn’t discuss the yogic roots of the chakra system, it does that admirably in a way that is both informative and enlightening.

Anodea Judith takes this Eastern System and explains it in a way that any average person can understand. She first introduces the origins, and then chapter by chapter explores each individual chakra, beginning with a meditation. While she explores them seperately, Judith is careful to include how they interrelate, and just how we as humans can not only gain understanding, but begin to explore our own chakra system.

Wheels of Life book coverOne thing that this book does admirably is to stress that all the chakras work together as a whole, and that all are needed for a healthy human life. Often in metaphysical circles there is a stress on the importance of “higher” thought, which relates to the upper chakras, but Judith points out that without the lower chakras, our physical bodies would not be able to operate. With all the talk of manifesting by putting your wishes out there, this is one of the few voices of reason which remind us that just as in childbirth, our dreams must first be constricted to the confines of the physical plane to become reality. The beauty is that she describes the cycle in a way that each of us can relate to and apply in our daily lives.

Another feature is that each chapter contains exercises in working with the chakras, and the last few chapters discuss their role in our personal relationships, and our evolution as human beings on this planet. This book makes learning the chakra system possible for the beginner, and at the same time has wonderful insight and tools for the experienced energy workers out there. Wherever you are on your journey, Wheels of Life by Anodea Judith, Ph.D. should be one book you can continue to return to for integrating the mind, body, spirit connection.

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