Brian Roberts – Palm and Deviant Moon Tarot Reader

Can’t choose between a Palm or Tarot Reading? You don’t have to. Brian can do either Palm or Tarot or combine the two in one reading. His palm readings focus on your spiritual DNA, your life purpose and challenges. With the Tarot, you can explore archetypes and shifts which affect your life path, as well as reveal the roots and opportunities of your current situation. Brian has a straightforward approach to tarot that cuts to heart of the matter and provides answers and understanding for all manner of problems and situations. He reads exclusively with the Deviant Moon Tarot deck. A highly unique deck known for its striking and surrealist style, Brian is adept at distilling the images, symbols, and messages of the cards in an understandable and highly accessible way.

Brian is available for readings at various times throughout the week. You can select either Palm or Tarot. If you want both, you need at least 30 minutes, to do it right.

Please make an appointment by calling 612-872-1292 during business hours or check his availability online using this nifty button:

Here’s what some clients have to say about Brian….

Brian Roberts is wonderful.

I love Eye of Horus and I especially loved my session with Brian Roberts. I felt comfortable right away when I walked through the doors and warmly greeted by the staff. My reading was to the point and incredibly intuitive. Brian has a way of explaining the spread that is personalized and thoughtful. I have had readings from him before and they have always been solid. I highly recommend the shop and especially Brian. Xoxo!


Brian is… amazing. That is definitely an understatement. I received a truthful and eye opening tarot reading from him, but when he read my palms… it was like he took the blindfold off. I didn’t give him any information on the beginning at all, to test the cards/him. And he passed with flying colors! This was an experience I will never forget.

Your fate

I still am mind blown by how much my palms can say. He honestly knew me without ever meeting me. This is an experience everyone should try.

Very useful Tarot reading

Thank you Brian for the insight I was seeking on my birthday! Applying the information you gave me will help in both my professional life over this next year. I hope to come to you for future readings.

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