Christián Jovanovíc – Tarot & Bone Readings

Christián Jovanovíc specializes in Tarot and Southern Style Bone readings aka “Throwing the Bones.”  His goal with each reading is to empower you to make the best choices.

He has a background in multiple energetic healing practices including shamanic healing and Healing Touch, is a Mesa Carrier in the Peruvian Q’ero tradition and a member of the Ordo Astrum Sophia

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Christian holds a master’s degree in Oriental Medicine and is a licensed acupuncturist in the state of Minnesota.  He has additional training in Integrative Health Coaching, Neuro-linguistic programming and hypnotherapy.

Christián’s Philosophy of Tarot and Bone Readings:

I approach both tarot and bone reading as a heart centered practice which helps us in explore the current interplay of influential energies affecting our daily lives.  Through the “lens” of the tarot or bones set, we are given the opportunity to see these energetic forces and how they support or challenge us.

Both the tarot and the bones are tools that help us connect both with our inner guidance and spiritual guides.  For me this guidance often manifests as intuition, dialogue with spirit guides, animal and plant totems or as clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient information.

During a reading, I often find that a story unfolds to offer deep insight into the issue or question at hand.  This information brought forth during a reading can help empower you to make appropriate choices to best meet your current goals.

Bone Readings . . . Really?

Bone reading, sometimes called “throwing the bones” is an ancient divination practice traced back to multiple indigenous cultures around the world.

In 1999 I received my first bone reading from a rootworker visiting from Alabama. I instantly became intrigued with bone throwing and started attempting to assemble my set of bones / curios and working with them. My set of “bones” has changed and evolved as I have grown in my understanding of the work.

There are numerous variations of throwing the bones, each informed by the culture from which the practice derived, as well as by the reader and current cultural setting.  The “bones” that I use are a collection of animal, plant and man-made objects.  The bones are thrown on a table before the client and the resulting patterns are interpreted within the context of the client’s question.

What to Expect During a Reading:

Before each reading I set the intention to be open to energetic and spiritual guidance to best meet your needs during the reading.  I connect with spiritual guides, ancestral teachers, animal and plant totems, and my own intuition, whatever is appropriate for a specific reading.

You are welcome to discuss with me your current question(s) and concerns, or the areas of your life that you are seeking insight to. You can be assured that this process is affirming and confidential.

During a Bone Reading, you will be introduced to the bones and may be asked to set a positive intention for the reading, often by concentrating briefly on the bones and if you are comfortable, breathing onto them.  The bones will then be tossed onto the table before you and the interpretation will begin.  During this time you are encouraged to ask questions if clarification is needed during any part of the reading.

In both the tarot and bone readings, you will be provided intuitive insight into the current dynamic energies at play in your life.  These may be internal or external factors in or out of your control.  The reading will help you explore these energies and how you can best overcome possible challenges and also how to maximize the positive energies around you.

What People are Saying about a Reading with Christián:

“His insight is on point. He has an ability to address several questions and connect the dots under one or more themes. His readings are clear and empowering. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is needing a tune-up in their outlook or anyone who is just plain confused.” ~Faye

“I met with Christian for a ‘bone throwing’ reading. I was skeptical, but open-minded. Now I’m a believer! That night one of the things he told me actually happened!” ~Cheryl

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History & Influences

I received my first set of Tarot Cards when I was 16 and started exploring them with an aunt who read tarot.  For the next couple years I began to devour numerous books on tarot and started collecting the cards.  By the time I was 20, I started providing readings for trade for family, friends and colleagues.  During this time I also began studying with Echo Bodine, initially being trained in energy work / energy healing, and then onto intuition and psychic development.  More formalized training was offered by her on the tarot over the next four years.  As I continued to develop my psychic / intuitive skills, I had the opportunity to work with Ron Moor and further explore new approaches to healing work and intuition development.  I continued to focus on tarot including training at the Meta Institute during my Therapeutic coach training.  I even began teaching workshops on the symbolism of tarot while I was still and undergraduate in college.

Some of my influences as to how I approach tarot have been informed by:
Umberto Eco and his work with semiotics:  Especially how symbol and language are interconnected
Robert Wang:  Excellent author and academic on the Qabalistic correspondances of Tarot
Catherine Yronwode:  Understanding the complex nature of bone reading and how to keep it simple and practicle
Allen Brown and Keya Hutchins:  Taught me how to connect with the ancestors and to hear their wisdom when working with any sort of oracle or diviniation system
Echo Bodine: My first psychic and healing mentor.  The first person to support me in discovering my talents and learning how to connect and operate with ‘spirit’

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