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Heather Roan Robbins - Astrologer

Astrology is a symbolic language that helps us see the connection woven between our interior experience, your everyday human interactions, and the pulse of the practical, political and mythic world around us. Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice-centered, astrologer and ceremonialist with 30+ years of experience. She is president of MNStars, the local chapter of NCGR (Nation Council for GeoCosmic Research: astrological organization).

She writes the column Starcodes: astrological weather by day, not sign, for We’Moon Calendar, The New Mexican Newspaper, and other websites, and speaks weekly on Blogtalk Radio and seasonally on KFAI, Fresh Fruit Radio.

Readings with Heather Roan Robbins

Let me know what you need, I can do an in-depth reading or work on a specific question. We start with your natal chart, then bring in progression and transits. I work with most forms of western astrology. I also specialize in charts of relationships, relationships between couples, families, teams, or between people and their life-work.

Heather is available for readings on Tuesdays. Please make an appointment by calling 612-872-1292 during business hours or check her availability online using this nifty button:
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Living Astrology Chart ClinicLiving Astrology Chart Clinic

The best way to learn astrology is to talk in this language and look at living examples. Bring your chart, questions, touch cases, or examples you’d like to share, or just come and listen. This is a great way to learn, refine your skills, or enjoy the company of astrologers. If you want a cheap reading, come with your birth data and be a guinea pig, just be willing to talk about your life to the class. Beginners can listen in and ask questions, intermediate students can try their wings, and advanced/professionals can brainstorm, share notes, and practice translating their astrological knowledge into useful and accessible language. All voices are appreciated.

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The First Tuesday of any Month 7:00 pm: all levels, $15 a class
Location: Eye of Horus Metaphysical, 910 W Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Heather Roan Robbins: In her own words…

My family joke: mom was a psychiatric nurse, dad was an abstract mathematician; put them in a blender and get an astrologer. My fascination for astrology and the intuitive arts started early, I grew up wandering the halls of anthropology and art museums in Philadelphia and hung out in the Sumerian and Egyptian sections. I collected myths and folktales and built a simple zodiacal calendar at 11 yrs. old.

Early Influences

The telephone operator in my first high school was the niece of a famous Hollywood astrologer, Carroll Righter, and with her astrological books open she was a better counselor that the school therapist. After watching a few tour-de-force moments I pumped her for information and learned the basics of my craft. I took my ephemeris (book of planetary positions) everywhere after that age of 14, looked up everyone I met, and researched my way through an adventurous life, and through work in the human resource and human potential fields in New England and New Mexico.

Finding the path

Astrology was an invaluable tool as I raised two children, one with special needs. As staff astrologer with a family therapy group, I did some fascinating supervised work exploring astrological patterns of family dynamics back through generations.

In the late 1980’s a friend of mine took sick in Santa Fe, NM; I came to visit, found she had 4 months to live, stayed to help her transition, and fell in love with the wild terrain and warm hearts. Hospice is a great way to get past tourist traps and get real with the people. Astrology is a respected profession in Santa Fe. I worked with some of the country’s best astrologers there, studied hypnotherapy, shamanic journey-work, and co-directed WomanWise women’s spiritual community. I still go back yearly to teach.

Answering the call

Around 2000 I had repeated dreams where I’d hear a voice saying “I’m sending you back to the front lines.” I remarried in 2001 and the next week my mate was offered a job in NYC. We landed there two weeks before 9-11-01, which was one hell of wake-up call. NY was a humbling, expanding and toughening journey that reaffirmed my faith in the human spirit. I did volunteer counseling with an EMT working those first few months down at ground zero; she needed to download daily and it was a relief to find some way to help. There was so much ambient pain– I wanted to search for more tools to offer my clients, to walk with them through their crossroads and rough waters and celebrate their turning points, so I went back into an interfaith seminary for spiritual counseling tools and ceremonial skills.

After 6 years, my mate and I longed for life west of the Mississippi and moved to the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota, a stone’s throw from the Canadian border, to work at a tribal college for three years. We learned more than we taught, from our wonderful students, from bison, bird, and fox, from native philosophers, spirit fires, and Mennonite friends.

We’re settling in here now. The Twin Cities feel like an amalgam of all the places we’ve lived. I stay connected to all these homes, these places that fed/feed my soul; they inform all the work I do. What can I do for you?”

What People Are Saying

Valeri Berhardt: “I have been working with Heather off and on for several years now, and her readings are always spot-on, and her sensitivity and intuition regarding my circumstances is uncanny.”

M.J.: Heather was every bit as good as the recommendation I received. She was thoughtful, insightful, encouraging, fun… the reading was just what I needed during a life-changing time. Awesome.

K.M.: “Once again Heather trained her awesomely integrated ability and intuition on my particular chart questions, and left me with a sense of encouragement and a will to see the positive in some of the challenges I face–her use of metaphor and practical advice as well as her deep love for all that is lifegiving to the single soul as well as to the Universe make this so much more than just a reading. She helped me appreciate my attachment to the larger scheme of life.”

Rob Melich: “This was my inaugural astrological experience. Heather provides a thoughtful, caring reading that put me at ease and made the experience fun and insightful. Like anything we learn about ourselves the question arises, “what now?” Heather is very clear free will is in play, darn it.”

Remi D.: “Heather is a wonderfully gifted person to come to for a truthful and unique reading. She has identified patterns in my life and in relationships that I never could have pinpointed with such accuracy. She is exceptionally intuitive and remarkably precise. I would highly recommend, as she is honest, perceptive, and gentle in her approach. I, as well as my family, will indefinitely be repeat clients. Thank you, Heather!”

Tancredi: No promises, no false predictions (and I think we really know the false ones but don’t want to admit them to ourselves). Heather was just an honest gifted reader…and focused carefully on the issues and questions posed and seemed to come at them in an original insightful way. Very helpful.

Gem: I always feel that Heather is a gentle and accepting friend, who does not judge my life or my emotions. She is so caring, I have used her readings for years and consider her to be quite gifted.