Riley Davis – Tarot Reader

Riley Jay is a nonbinary asexual revolutionary decedent from the survivors of the Indigenous genocide of the Americas and the Trans Atlantic Slave trade. Riley follows the philosophies built around Octavia Butler’s Earthseed series and believes that our duty as humans is to be in collaboration. If we are not in collaboration with the earth then she has every right to choose to not work with us anymore and expel us from the ground. The only way to continue survival is through her teachings.

Riley started reading tarot in college as a way to get to know people when shy and has used it for writers blocks, figuring out ways to handle stressful situations, and ways to look at yourself in a way that showcases survival and self preservation.

Riley’s decks include the traditional Riders Waite Tarot, Next World Tarot, Native American Tarot, African American Tarot, and New Orleans Voodoo Tarot.

Call 612-872-1292 or use our online scheduler to book your session with Riley today.

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