August 29 – Full Moon in Pisces

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This is a highly emotional full moon.  While transitioning out of the sunny social Leo into pragmatic task oriented Virgo the Pisces moon urges us to stay grounded in spirit and in our heart as we embrace our work. Watch the video with astrologer Heather Roan Robbins and High Priestess Thraicie Hawkner below, then read on for more on how to harness and work with this astrological energy:

Industrious, hard working Virgo’s taskmaster energy is in opposition to the tender spiritual Pisces.  Manage this dichotomy with jasper stones to calm nerves, ground and manifest dreams into being.  Full moon in Pisces is also influenced by Neptune, urging us to delve deeply into the dream world.  Remember that most desires you may have for indulgences or escape are really cravings to connect with magick and Spirit.  

All full moons have opposition, but Virgo and Pisces are two sides of one coin.  Virgo’s need to correct, focus, and refine needs Pisces’ imagination and creativity to make progress, otherwise everything is just busy work and anxiety.  Pisces needs to be driven by Virgo’s discipline and focus or else we may never complete our work.  These two forces must cooperate in order to manifest dreams into reality.  Move out of worry into grounded and centered vision with action.  

The year is still full of activity.  Jupiter enters Virgo and reminds us that health is our top priority.  Our work can set us free, if we plan and utilize it effectively. Give attention to get it.  Pay attention to others and they will reciprocate.

Mars and Venus are both still in Leo.  The energy is romantic and increases the intensity of emotion.   This energy can help keep us connected socially.  Expressing our spiritual and social needs requires the finesse of the Mars and Venus energy.  Lapis Lazuli and Frankencense can help us express our need for companionship and acceptance in a healthy way.

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