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Eat Sleep Read

We’re proud to present our new, expanded, more user-friendly book section.  All of the books scattered out front have been moved into this new book nook, and as we add a couple more book-cases, we’ll even be adding more titles.

We’ve decided 2009 is the year of the book at Eye of Horus, and we are working more directly with publishers than ever before.  We hope to be able to have more author events, as well.

Part of our bookish effort was joining the American Bookseller’s Association and becoming an Indiebound store. In our welcome packet we got this awesome red poster, but it was huge (3 feet wide by 6 feet tall), and we couldn’t figure out what to do with it until we decided to put on one of the doors.  It’s a simple poster, in a classic Helvetica type font, and it reads Eat, Sleep, Read.  At the bottom it adds a reminder to support independent stores like ours.  For the bibliophile, that pretty much says it all.  Red is also a lovely Feng Shui activating color, especially on doors, so we just take that as a bonus value.

In fact, by changing the book section from a single corridor to a room you can walk around, and one with south-facing windows, we’ve completely re-energized the back of the store.  We’re still working on some of the detailing, but we think you’ll have a much more pleasant experience, especially when there are more than a couple of browsers.

Highlight Table

Highlight Table

To enhance the flow, we added a feature table in the middle of the room to highlight themes or hot new titles, and of course, now there are books on all four walls.  Admittedly, with three doors and a window, we don’t have as much book space as we might like, but you are pretty much surrounded by books.  It’s sort of a huggy feeling, at least if you’re a book-lover like me, and think books can give you a metaphorical hug.

In addition to having more room for browsers, we even added a bench under the window for you to sit on as you peruse a title or two, so you don’t have to sit on the floor unless you really, really want to.  We know, we know, we could have added more shelving under the window, but for now, we’ll just focus on making it a more pleasant experience if you need to take a load off, or if you are waiting for a Tarot or Psychic reading.  So here are some more pictures for you to get a preview, but we invite you to come on in, and do tell us what you think about it!

Thraicie Shelving Books + Bench (lower right

Thraicie Shelving Books + Bench (lower right

Bench available for serious browsers

Bench available for serious browsers

Books on the North wall, too (view from bench)

Books on the North wall, too


  1. What a great improvement! Congratulations. I can’t wait to see it!

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