December 7th Psychic Sunday

December 7th Psychic Sunday

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Come in from the cold and into our Psychic Fair!  On December 7th you’ll find six intuitive readers, each a specialist in either Tarot, Runes, Bone or Palm readings. We also have Astrology Charts and all the good energy items the Eye has to offer. Of course, you can do some holiday shopping before, between and after your readings, we’ll have our store stocked.

Bring a friend along to Eye of Horus (910 W Lake St, Mpls 55408) and sample our readers as they take over every spare nook and cranny of our store for the last Psychic Fair of the year. Mini-readings are $2 per minute and booked every 15 minutes, with a 10 minute minimum and a 15 minute maximum so you have time to try different reader styles. Book two or more readings in advance and save $5.

2 for 1 special

On Psychic Sunday, you can get two Readings for the Price of one! How? If you book two readings, and keep them to 10 minutes each at the time of the reading, then your bill is only $40. But you can make that $35 by getting the $5 off by booking more than one reading in advance.  Our basic readings are $35 on any other day of the year, but if you are savvy and do two 10 minute readings you book in advance you get a twofer! Think of it, you can have two readers to review your question for $35. (Or get two 15 minute readings for $55, if you want all the details.)

To save, you have to book advance! Call 612-872-1292 or us links below

Get a psychic Sunday ReadingSave $5 off your total when you book two readings in advance (by Friday 12/5) Book now

Meet the Readers

  • Palm Readings by Jean RobertPalm or Numerology Readings by Jean Robert Le Marchand: Your palm is in good hands with Jean Robert. He will decipher the meanings in the lines and maybe even throw in a bit of numerology if you ask nicely.
  • Kari Tauring - Rune ReaderRune Readings by Kari Tauring: She has years of study in runes, lore, seidr, galdr, healing, journey and work on the web of wyrd… Kari is spaekona and volva (prophet woman and staff carrier) of Norse spiritual tradition. Kari offers psychic readings and dream interpretation using Norse runes and other techniques.
  • Christian - Tarot and Throwing the BonesTarot & Southern Style Bone Readings by Christian Hanson: Both the tarot and the bones are tools that help us connect both with our inner guidance and spiritual guides.  For Christian, this guidance often manifests as intuition, dialogue with spirit guides, animal and plant totems or as clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient information.
  • Tarot & Rune Readings by Thraicie HawknerTarot & Theban Rune Readings by Thraicie Hawkner: Thraicie (Tracy) isn’t just your average intuitive reader. Yes, she has over twenty years experience working with and reading Tarot cards. She is also a Wiccan High-Priestess and the CEO and founder of Eye of Horus, Inc. She is adept in both Astrology and Kabbalah (or Qabala/Cabala), and draws on those correspondences in a reading, as well.
  • Zack Anderson Thoth TarotTarot Readings by Zack Anderson: Find the answers to your questions, conceive of your next steps, and discover your place in the world. Working with the Thoth Tarot as an Intuitive Reader, Zack reveals the mysteries of both Tarot and Qabalah, relating ancient wisdom to the modern world.
  • Tarot by ChuckTarot Readings by Chuck Kausalik-Boe: Chuck has his Masters Degree in Human Development, and uses the Tarot as a guidance tool. “Working with the seventy eight cards in a tarot deck confirms things you’ve always known or it can add a new perspective to a question or problem.My readings focus on the Divine and ancient wisdom. I see my work as spiritual guidance, not fortune telling.”

Schedule your service in advance . . . some of our readers fill up, so if you haven’t, it’s first-come, first-servGet a psychic Sunday Readinged:

* Click here to book online
* Call 612-872-1292

We’re also offering astrology charts for just $5! (You will need to provide your birth city, date and time of birth) .

So come on down on Sunday the 7th, between 12pm and 5pm and get a reading, discover new things, discover our new store, meet new people and have a fabulous time.

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