Discovery Week at Eye of Horus

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We’re kicking off the next seven days of discovery with a full moon circle tomorrow, journeying into the Minor Arcana (Suites) of the Tarot on Wednesday, welcoming visiting Scandanavian Martial Arts instructor Micki Tracey on Thursday (really cool . . . we’re even staying open late for this one, and on Sunday, you can begin your studies in Reiki or Shamanic Journeying. Please call 612-872-1292 if you have any questions, or to register for workshops.

Location is Eye of Horus, 2717 Lyndale Avenue South, Mpls.

Harvest Moon Esbat
Tue, Oct 14, 7pm – 8pm

Join the Eye of Horus staff in celebrating this month’s Full Moon. Please arrive on time, so we can create sacred space & close the door for privacy. This event is open to everyone, and free (donations ($1-$5) to cover costs are cheerfully accepted).

Tarot Discovery Workshop with Chuck Boe, M.A.
Wed, Oct 15, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

This week’s focus is the Minor Arcana . . . Reading the Aspects
Learn the Minor Arcana through the four suits and the levels withing the suits. The four suits address various aspects of our personality as well as the four elements. Learn to interpret the cards using a Celtic Cross Spread. Cost $25

Scandinavian Martial Arts, w/ Miki Tracey & Kari Tauring
Thu, Oct 16, 8pm – 10pm

Learn about the Scandinavian Martial Art preserved by the Hafskjold family (Norway) since the Viking era. Based on the rune alphabet and the web of wyrd, this is a system of mind/body/spirit training still practiced today. Miki Tracey visits from Virginia, this evening, and is joined by Minneapolis’s own Kari Tauring. Please wear comfortable clothing, and bring a stav, if you have one. (We have a limited supply of stavs for those who need to borrow). This event is free, but donations to support the effort are cheerfully accepted. Further info available at:

Shamanic Journey Skills: Level 1
Sun, Oct 19, 3pm – 5pm

Over the course of three consecutive Sunday lessons, learn how to use the drumbeat to journey, as shamans have since earliest times, to access spiritual guidance, healing and to communicate with your helping spirits. Folktales from all cultures recount adventures of shamans (wisdom-keepers, ritualists, and healers) who journeyed through spiritual realms on quests for healing. Shamans entered non-ordinary reality in their spiritual bodies. With the help of their spiritual guides, they rode the deer, flew with the eagle, or followed the bear. Shamans brought back stories that communicated health and healing for members of the community. Cost $60 for three sessions. Advance Registration Required. Bring a drum or rattle if you have one (not required). Please call 612-872-1292 to register.

Instructor: Joan Marie Mickelson, Holistic and Shamanic Practitioner Joan Marie has practiced shamanism for over a decade. She has studied with Sandra Ingerman, Claude Poncelet, Tom Cowan, and teachers from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She has studied Siberian Shamanism with Sarangerel. In 2006 she completed Sandra Ingermans Shamanic Teacher Training Course. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a BA degree in Holistic Health and Healing in 2006. Joan Marie has studied guided imagery and the psychology of Roberto Assagioli through the Psychosynthesis Institute of Minnesota. She has studied Healing Touch (Healing Touch International, Inc.) Esoteric Healing (INEH), and Craniosacral (Upledger Foundation). Joan Marie is an artist, writer, massage therapist, mother and grandmother living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. For further information see

Reiki level 1 with Chuck Boe, M.A.
Sun, Oct 19, 11am – 6pm

Reiki I This course introduces students to the Reiki system of natural healing. “Reiki” is Japanese for universal life force energy. This course will include the history and uses of Reiki, instruction on healing of self and others, as well as four energy attunements. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be first degree Reiki practitioners. Cost $100 About the instructor: Chuck Boe has been a Reiki Master since 1997 and has taught classes at Wisdom Ways, and Eye of Horus. He has a healing practice in south Minneapolis. Note: Reiki II will be taught on the following Sunday, 10/26th. Sign up for both courses, for the discounted price of $200 (rather than $250). Please call 612-872-1292 to register.

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