Eye of Horus Welcomes and Supports Diversity

Eye of Horus Welcomes and Supports Diversity

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The next time you come to Eye of Horus you may notice posters on our door, including this one. We have joined with this campaign by the main street alliance to say #hatehasnobizhere (click here for more info). We would like to clarify that we stand with LGBTQIA+ because we didn’t design this poster. We join numerous other businesses in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood in proclaiming our store a safe place. Most of you knew this already. This is a gay owned business, supporting people walking alternative religious paths, honoring the earth and deity in all the vast diversity different cultures have to offer, particularly Pagan and earth-based spiritualities. We strive to make Eye of Horus a safe space full of good vibes for all who enter here. We don’t care what your shape, size, orientation, gender, ethnicity, etc. may be. Just come in peace. Hate has no business here. #hatehasnobizhere

All are Welcome Here

Hate has no business here. Eye of Horus is a safe place.

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