Summer 2007 and Prior Shows

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Winged Dreams – May, 2007 – July, 2007

Eye of Horus Presents the work of fantasy artist Sarah Pauline.  Step into a world of Winged Dreams and Unseen Things in this show of beautiful Fairytale artwork.

Tucked back in your mind behind the numbers and responsibilities lie the sleeping fancies of your childhood. Wake them from their slumber! It was the only time you saw what was truly real. You knew about fairy rings and pixy dust, garden gnomes and sprites. In the gloaming, by the flicker of candlelight step into the ancient wood amid the hush of owl feathers and the crackle of bracken under your feet.

“I have been entranced by fantasy imagery and literature since early childhood and all my artwork is, basically, about creating a sense of magic. My noncommissioned work is concerned with personal themes and escapes from the day to day. Stylistically my art is best described as ‘imaginative and playful.’ My work is intentionally infused with a sense of the mystical or dreamlike and not always symbolic in content however sometimes I attempt to investigate layers of meaning but include an immediate initial subjective or emotional impression.”

The artist shows her work at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and other specialty shows and fairs around the midwest.

Awo Ifa – Feb, 2007 – April, 2007

John M Bradley one-man show of original paintings depicting the Orishas.

The Orishas, the emissaries of Olodumare are alive and well in Minnesota, and influencing the artistic community. These dieties of Santeria, Ifa, and related faiths have been an inspiration to Mr. Bradley for several years, and he has completed a set of original works in their honor.

Eye of Horus Gallery is proud to display these powerful works as part of its ongoing series of the art of inspiration and myth from diverse cultures.

Running through the end of April, 2007, Awo Ifa is open to the public during regular gallery hours.  There is no charge to view the exhibit.

Visual Grimoire – October 28, 2006 – Jan 28, 2007

Original paintings of Tarot, Egypt, Enochian expressions by painter, author, occultist, and Magus Books proprietor Roger Williamson.

Roger Williamson, author, artist and magician explores the symbols of magic and spirit in this special show just in time for Samhain (Halloween).

Themes in this show of pastel paintings revolve around the energy work of the magician and the ancient symbols and gods of Egypt.

Ra by Roger Williamson

Pastels are generally thought of as a soft romantic medium, but in the hands of a magician, they are ethereal and intense.

“Magic appeals to people with theatrical inclinations,” Roger offers. . . “What with all the incense and dressing up and waving your arms about. But to me, at the end of the day, it’s a way of rearranging your perceptions, so that you can approach what seem like crises to most people as opportunities. It’s only by changing yourself that you can change the world around you.” excerpt from a City Pages article on Roger.

Mr. Williamson is an author of six books and a collector of antiquarian and rare occult books as well as the owner of Magus Books in the Dinkytown area of Minneapolis.

Eye of Horus is happy to promote the artistic works of our “competitor” in our gallery.

August 2 – October 26, 2006 – Vertical Spirit

Original paintings, drawings and sculptures by local Native American artist David DuBois.

Vertical Spirit honors the ascension of Spirit in each of us. Walking through the show and reading the information about each piece is both reflective and moving. His pieces are both beautiful and powerful and there is a story behind each piece. Vertical Spirit features twenty-two sculptures, carvings, paintings, and drawings by Native American artist David DuBois. His 3D work ranges from the elegant simplicity of a walnut carving of a woman to the mixed media of feathers, tortoise shell or fur used in ceremonial-art pieces such as a talking stick, smudge fan, or staff.


June 5 – July 29, 2006 – The Old Ways

The Old Ways featured the work of local artist Beth Hansen-Buth. Using old-world oil painting techniques, she brings to life the myths
and fairies of the land. This special show will be in our gallery
through July 29th.

Shop for Beth Hansen-Buth prints online

Summer Oak available online

Beth’s mythic and fairy art is reminiscent of work done a century ago. There is just no subsitute for the

radiance and richness of oil painting. While the majority of fairy artists these days work in watercolor, because it dries quickly and provides that “light” essence, the time it takes for oils to dry, and building up the images in translucent layers is worth the wait. Here are a couple examples of her work:

Summer Oak

is the guardian of the forest, keeping a watchful eye for intruders.

For some, the thought of him inspires numerous woodland walks. For others, a desire for tree-trimming! The odd desire to prune is usually exhibited by the spouses of those who have taken up hiking.

The original oil is in our gallery through July 29th, 2006. Limited edition prints are available online. View info on limited edition print of Summer Oak.

Queen of Annwyn available online

Queen of Annwyn

Welsh mythology tells us that on stormy nights when the wind is howling the Wild Hunt led by the Gwyn ap Nudd–the King of Annwyn–rides the skies in search of travelers to take to his Celtic underworld realm. Accompanied by his white hounds with their red ears, he leaves behind one to wait with his queen.

In this gothic depiction in oils, The Queen of Annwyn is mystically beautiful and serene as she sits perched in an old oak tree as if it were the finest throne.

The land of Annwyn is associated with both death and faery, and she is queen of both. In her hair are leaves, blossoms, and berries of Belladonna–also known as deadly nightshade. The Raven on the skull symbolizes those Celtic warriors who have died in battle. Truly gothic

The detail in this peace is incredible. Just look at the fur on the hound!

February 4 – April 30, 2006 – Entrance to Faerie

Combining the works of premier  fairy artists Meredith Dillman and Sarah Pauline, Eye of Horus invites you to step through the gateway and enter a realm of unicorns, angels, and of course all the winged inhabitants of the magical realm of Faerie.

It just seemed appropriate to bring in the spring with a show dedicated to the artwork of these nature spirits.  So break out of hibernation, dust off your sense of wonder and come and visit the gallery on the second floor of the Eye of Horus.

The show features both framed originals and prints, as well as unframed prints for sale. So there’s something for everyone.

If you’ve never been to our gallery you’re in for a treat.  The vaulted ceilings provide plenty of flight room for these fanciful beings.  But you’ll only truly see them if your imagination is unlocked and your heart is open to the wonder of this magical realm.

Come be delighted and inspired this Spring when you step through the Entrance to Faerie! Best of all, the show is free and open to the public, so bring a friend.

October 23, 2005 – January 30, 2006 MythSurreal

Featuring the Mythic and Surreal work of Roman Botcharov.

Reality and fantasy are intermingled, and show feelings and visions of another world which surrounds us, but which few of us see.

Roman Botcharov’s art has been exhibited in: Moscow, St.Peters Burg,Kursk, (Russia). Speyer, Wetten, (Germany). Minneapolis, (USA) Roman Botcharov currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA and continues to paint original oils, watercolors and tempera.

Roman Botcharov was born in Kursk, Russia, attended Kursk State University and graduated in 1995 in Arts and Graphics in the Department of Design. While influenced and inspired by his mother’s art, he readily developed his own style, which has now become “The Surrealism of Roman Botcharov”.

July 19 – October 21, 2005 – Journeys through the Middle-Kingdom & Other Mythic Places

Featuring the work of Kent Hansen

From Buddha to works inspired by the Lord of the Rings, this show features images of inspiration and exploration.  Most of his works incorporate Kanji or Runes, bringing together the visual with the poetic in an artistic ‘play’ on words. Available as prints or greeting cards, Kent creates art for the buyer looking to send a gift of inspiration, or to use on an altar of inspiration.

Kent Hansen is currently working as a Photographer/Artist-Illustrator and Meditation Instructor. His artwork has also appeared at Minicon, MarsCon, Capricon, CONvergence, and Diversicon art shows and dealers’ rooms throughout the years and has acted for the third and final time, as some kind of a art show potentate for the Diversicon 12 art show through no fault of his own.

Kent has a large portfolio of work on his website and continues to post new works of art along with his poetry on a daily basis. He lives in Chaska, Minnesota.

January 6 – March 31, 2005 – Out of the Darkness

Featuring the work of Anne-Marie Forrester

Eye of Horus Store & Gallery presents “Out of the Darkness” an exhibition of original scratchboard

illustrations, Paintings, and other Visual Masterworks by Anne Marie Forrester. Among the 40+ works on display are eleven new Original Scratchboard illustrations from the soon-to-be-released book by Patricia Monaghan, “Wild Girls: the Path of the Young Goddess.”

Anne Marie has been a professional illustrator, graphic designer, counted cross-stitch pattern designer, and a student of mystical signs and symbols for over 15 years. She received her BFA, with honors, from Pratt Institute in New York, 1990. She has worked in advertising, graphic design, book publishing (including six years as “Lead Creative Designer” for Llewellyn Publications), and teaching visual communications at Brown College and the Miami Ad School of Minneapolis. Anne Marie currently freelances as a graphic designer and illustrator.

October 3 – December 26 2004 – Fairy Tales

The Fairy Tale Show combines traditional oral storytelling with the art inspired by those traditional tails. Featuring Fairy Art by: Denise Garner, Beth Hansen, and Walter Napiorkowski, and the storytelling of author and folklorist Jane Yolen

Paintings, Sculpture, Storytelling and Readings

Artists Reception: 7 p.m., Saturday, October 2, 2004

Jane Yolen’s Storytelling Afternoon: 3 p.m. Saturday, October 30,2004

Lady Poetesses from Hell Reading: Sunday, October 31, 2004

July 17 – September 26 2004 – Poetic Alchemy

Featuring the works of: Beth Hansen, Elise Matthessen, Wendy Rose, Laurel Winter

A unique show of Paintings, Drawings, Beadwork, Poetry, Broadsides and Readings which explores the conversation between artforms.

Elise Matthessen is a poet and jewelry artist. She creates necklaces and earrings which tell stories in their shapes and in the titles she gives them. She shows them to poets and writers, and they put into words the tale the beads tell.

Beth Hansen is an oil painter who bases her works on the stories in myth and poetry.

Laurel Winter is a poet, author and artist reviving the tradition of Broadside poetry. No storybook here,

but storyprints.

Wendy Rose

Wendy Rose was born Bronwen Elizabeth Edwards on May 7, 1948, in Oakland, California. She came from a mixed-blood family (her father was Hopi; her mother could trace her lineage from both Miwok and European descent). As a teenager, she dropped out of high school and became connected with the bohemian scene in San Francisco. Her experiences in the city and the struggle in finding her identity within her mixed lineage would be major influences on the poetry she was then beginning, and works she would later produce. She has been active in such divergent roles as teacher, researcher, consultant, editor, panelist, bibliographer, and advisor. She is a member of the American Federation of Teachers and has also served as a facilitator for the Association of Non-Federally Recognized California Tribes. Such diversity is also characteristic of Rose as an artist, who not only writes, but draws and paints as well.

Necklass Challenge Readings: 7 p.m. Saturday, September 25, 2004

February 1 – March 31 2004 – Dragons of Fire and Ice

Featuring original dragon paintings by John Garner

John has been drawing and painting all his life and found his first convention art show in 1984. Since then he has won numerous awards and has been published in TSR’s Dungeon Adventures magazine, Starslayer gaming module, and most recently the upcoming cover to Cloud Kingdom Games’ “Fall of Castle Bondi.”

John also enjoys chocolate in all forms and continues to seek the holy grail of the most decadent desert in the universe.

December 13 2003 -January 31 2004 – A Midwinter Night’s Dream

Featuring original fairy art by Beth Hansen

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