Harrow of the Week: The Liar

Harrow of the Week: The Liar

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Love makes you do the wacky.

This week’s Harrow card, The Liar, definitely has something to hide. The card shows a monstrous creature called a lamia, which has the upper body of a beautiful woman and a long serpent’s tail where her legs should be. She wears a flared headdress, and in her hands she holds a bouquet of dead, colorless roses.

If you haven’t guessed by just the image on the card, The Liar is someone who should not be trusted. It comes from the suit of Crowns, which governs Charisma, the ability associated with love and emotional expression. However, the card is aligned Chaotic Evil, the alignment of selfishness, cruel impulse, and supreme self-interest. Thus, The Liar typically represents a deceitful or treacherous kind of love, or a love bordering on obsession, the kind that drives people to dangerous extremes. It can also represent an unrequited love, since that kind of love makes it easy to see the object of affection as cruel or heartless for not returning our affections.

The lamia is a creature of immense wickedness whose very touch drains the victim of willpower and perceptiveness. In much the same way, the love that The Liar represents is one that makes us act irrational or ignore our own safety. In broader terms, The Liar represents an emotion that completely overtakes, blinding us to reason, and often putting us in harm’s way. This is exactly what the lamia wants, as her kind thrives on the downfall of others.

The Liar is often a warning that we are following an emotional path that will lead us to ruin, especially if that emotion is caused by another person. It can be seen as a reminder to keep our wits about us and to look at things in a calm, rational way. If the card shows up misaligned, it can actually indicate a productive and healthy emotional connection that is hidden and disguised as something else. For just as there are lamia disguised as lovers, there are lovers disguised as something else.

Jade is a protective stone that works well to help us discern the hidden lamia in our midst. It helps to open up the heart chakra, projecting joy and kindness, and it helps to keep our emotions balanced. It is especially good at keeping us from giving in to the greed and selfishness that is The Liar’s trademark. Fluorite is also an excellent stone for helping to keep our minds sharp and our reason clear. It can help us to see The Liar’s machinations before they hook themselves into our lives. A level head is often the best defense against the danger that The Liar poses.

Bright blessings, and may the cards be in your favor.

The Harrow deck is part of the Pathfinder RPG and is a fun alternative to a traditional tarot deck both for those familiar with the game, or those looking for a different framework for divination.

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