Harrow of the Week: The Locksmith

Harrow of the Week: The Locksmith

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Are you the Key Master?

This week’s Harrow card, The Locksmith, is the person with the keys to every door. The Locksmith themselves is dressed in a form-disguising cloak and hood, although the hands and face that can be seen suggest an older person. In their right hand, they hold a key ring that seems to be made out of a creature’s hand, with the keys set in the fingers. Directly above them is a stained-glass window illuminated from the inside.

The Locksmith is, for lack of a better term, a mercenary of sorts. The card is aligned Lawful Neutral, so while the aim of the Locksmith is to help, they only do exactly what has been asked of them and nothing more. Likewise, they would offer the same type of help to anyone else who employed them. The Locksmith has no allegiances to anything or anyone except their mission.

So what is the Locksmith’s mission? The Locksmith holds the keys to any lock you may come across, whether that’s a door, a treasure chest, or a set of manacles. They provide the tools needed to access areas that are closed off or inaccessible, allowing us to continue on our own path. But the Locksmith only cares about the keys, not about where any doors they open may lead, and the Locksmith cannot provide aid beyond opening the lock.

When the Locksmith appears in a spread, it often indicates someone or something has the key to whatever is blocking our path. Sometimes, the Locksmith can even be ourselves, a reminder that we often hold our own set of mental, emotional, and psychic keys. However, the Locksmith only provides the keys and nothing more; it is up to us to determine if opening the door is a wise choice or if we are, in fact, opening the right door in the first place.

The Locksmith is a reminder to us that no lock is truly unbreakable. The keys are there if we know where to look. But it is also a reminder for us to carefully consider our own path and whether or not it’s what we truly want. In many ways, it can be a “careful what you wish for” kind of sentiment, a warning to fully consider the consequences of our actions. After all, some doors once open, may never close again.

Rhodonite can be an aid into helping us find the Locksmith within ourselves. It helps to both heal and unlock the heart chakra, and in doing so help us to find our own hidden talents and how best to use them. Fluorite, the “genius stone”, works on a mental plane as well as an emotional one. It can help to increase focus and mental clarity. Fluorite helps us to find the solution the our problems when everything around us seems unclear.

Bright blessings, and may the cards be in your favor.

The Harrow deck is part of the Pathfinder RPG and is a fun alternative to a traditional tarot deck both for those familiar with the game, or those looking for a different framework for divination.

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