Harrow of the Week: The Marriage

Harrow of the Week: The Marriage

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Marriage is what brings us together today… 

You might say that this week’s Harrow card, The Marriage, is a case of opposites attract. Dominating the card are two elemental figures: a stately maiden made of water and an imposing man made of fire. Steam billows around them, though neither seem concerned about it. In-between the two is an infant in what appears to be a diving suit.

Even more so than most of the Harrow, The Marriage is not a card that should always be taken at face value. While it can and often does indicate an actual, down-the-aisle marriage between two people, it’s true meaning speaks to the joining of two forces into a new whole. This can include everything from artistic collaborations, the merging of ideas, or the merger of two businesses. The Marriage is about the joining of two to become one, no matter how concrete or abstract those two are.

However, The Marriage does not guarantee how well the union may or may not work. It’s alignment is Lawful Neutral, which means that The Marriage does not have any moral slant and cares only that the rules are obeyed. The card represents the union itself as much as it does the universal idea of the union, but it doesn’t speculate as to the result. Fire and water could work well together and join to create steam, or they could cancel each other out. The outcome won’t be known until they meet, and before that happens, anything is possible.

That brings us to the true heart of the card itself. Once The Marriage happens, everything changes. Even if The Marriage is dissolved or broken later, both parties remain affected by their time together. The Marriage is a card of permanent change. Even if separated, we remain connected on at least some basic level to the person, idea, or object we were once joined to.  What’s done cannot be wholly and completely undone; there is always some kind of psychic residue left behind.

In the end, the fate of The Marriage is left up to those involved in it. Once the union occurs, the rest is up to us. The universe may have brought together The Marriage, but what happens afterward is in our hands.

Continuing with the themes of fire and water, two different stones with different associations can be good aids in tapping into The Marriage’s energy. Malachite, associated with fire, is a stone of self-confidence and emotional clarity, and it can help us to avoid the things that get in the way of our personal progress. As it is also associated with Venus, and as such can be a great aid in forging and strengthening our relationships with others. Aquamarine, associated with water, is all about calm emotions, soothing energies, and clear communication. It helps to combat emotional numbness so that we can communicate our deepest feelings and desires.

Bright blessings, and may the cards be in your favor.

The Harrow deck is part of the Pathfinder RPG and is a fun alternative to a traditional tarot deck both for those familiar with the game, or those looking for a different framework for divination.

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