Harrow of the Week: The Queen Mother

Harrow of the Week: The Queen Mother

All hail the Queen. 

The Harrow deck has more than its share of striking images, and few are more striking than this week’s card, The Queen Mother. The Queen herself is a formian, a race of intelligent, anthropomorphic ants. She wears a crown, and a royal robe, and she sits upon plush cushions. In one pair of pincers, she holds a bunch of grapes. She is worshipfully attended to by a trio of formian larvae.

The Queen Mother is the full embodiment of pure Wisdom; that is, the ability for us to understand the world around us and use that understanding to fuel our intuition and willpower. The Queen is possessed of a strictly-reasoned mind, and it’s no surprise that her card is aligned Lawful Neutral, the alignment of collectivism and convention above all. The Queen cares little for moral intent. To her, Wisdom itself is the be all and end all of existence.

While the Queen possesses untold amounts of understanding, she only shares that wisdom with those who have followed the proper rules and shown her and her subjects the proper respect. Like the formian communities that she rules over, she does not show her favor to those who do not follow her laws or participate in her collective. She often favors the powerless and the oppressed, since her wisdom is open to all regardless of status, and she welcomes those that the powerful refuse to help.

The Queen requires strict adherence to her path, but great rewards await those who follow it. No matter how much we may chafe against the rules, they exist for a reason, even if only so we can subvert them. Many musicians study the laws of music theory solely so that they can bend or break them.

While the queen can represent a teacher or authority figure that has come into our life, she can also be a subtle warning to be wary of those teachers who may not have our best interests at heart. The Queen Mother requires sacrifice, but not at the expense of our well-being. She is a truly enlightened being and would not encourage self-destructive behavior that would only limit our growth.

Rhodonite is an excellent stone for helping to bring out our natural talents for the good of humanity as a whole. It can help us to be confident in our path and sure of our purpose, as well lifting our desire to progress and improve ourselves. Rainbow moonstone helps to bring clarity to our thoughts and can help us find the courage to be ourselves even as we surrender to a higher power or authority. It helps to tap into the deep, intuitive Goddess energy that the Queen Mother herself enjoys.

Bright blessings, and may the cards be in your favor.

The Harrow deck is part of the Pathfinder RPG and is a fun alternative to a traditional tarot deck both for those familiar with the game, or those looking for a different framework for divination.

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