Harrow of the Week: The Teamster

Harrow of the Week: The Teamster

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Crack that whip.

This week’s Harrow card, The Teamster, knows what’s best for you. (Probably.) On the card itself, we see a muscular half-orc slowly trudging along. Riding on the half-orc’s shoulders is a gnome brandishing a many-tailed whip. Even curiouser, the half-orc has been fitted with a bit and bridle like a beast of burden.

The Teamster is a True Neutral card, and like all True Neutral cards, it is a very unfiltered and elemental expression of its suit and the ability associated with it. In this case, it’s the suit of Shields, which corresponds to Constitution. Therefore, The Teamster can be seen as pure endurance and forward motion, bound only by the most natural of laws.

Indeed, The Teamster is symbolic of a driving force that is impossible to ignore, the kind that pushes us forward even when we’ve reached our limit. This force can be physical, mental, or emotional, but it is something stronger than us that we must submit to. And being a True Neutral card, there’s no clear indication on whether or not this force is for good or for ill.

The card’s deeper meaning, however, is seen in how the gnome on the card spurs the half-orc forward. Notice how the half-orc does not seem to be restrained. He could throw the gnome off his back at any time. But even though the half-orc seems to live a life of constant toil, it is in the end for his own good. Left to his own devices, he would remain unfocused and unpredictable, but in his current situation, he has purpose and direction.

Likewise, The Teamster on our own backs can sometimes seem punishing or abusive, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, we really do need to be whipped into shape to get anything done. Instead of being seen as a relentless, unstoppable force, we can more easily deal with The Teamster by seeing it as a strict, tough-love type of mentor or guide.

When we experience The Teamster in our lives, one stone that can help us get through its appearance is desert jasper. A supremely nurturing and supportive stone, it helps to boost focus and self-determination as well as to turn negative stress into tranquility. Similarly, black onyx can help us turn stress into strength and give us support during our most trying times.

Bright blessings, and may the cards be in your favor.

The Harrow deck is part of the Pathfinder RPG and is a fun alternative to a traditional tarot deck both for those familiar with the game, or those looking for a different framework for divination.

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