July 31st – Full Blue Moon in Aquarius

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The full moon in Aquarius on July 31 will be the second full moon this month. Whenever we have a second full moon in a month we refer to it as a blue moon. What’s so special about this full moon? Watch the video with astrologer Heather Roan Robbins and High Priestess Thraicie Hawkner below, then read read the rest of the article to get the details on the astrological influences and magical possibilities:

With the sun in Leo, this will be a party moon. There will be a great deal of energy around our non-romantic relationships. The full moon in Aqaurius lends itself to a more philosophical outlook, especially in group settings. It’s important during the moon to pay particular attention to working relationships, whether they be professional or magical. Be sure to honor your own accomplishments and acknowledge the efforts of your group or circle. Be mindful of Leo’s tendency to bask in the spotlight; make sure you are accepting credit and giving it were it is due. Watch out for Leo’s shadow aspect and make sure you are not overlooking the efforts of your support groups. Use your charisma to promote the group’s efforts and growth.

Venus is traveling back and forth in Leo before she meets up and runs conjunct with Jupiter for the rest of the summer. Mars is still in Cancer, so we will still want to be sensitive and want to protect our vulnerabilities. Now is not the time to exert your will on others, so respect their boundaries. Invite others to participate, but do not insist or make participation mandatory. If you are having problems getting perspective on stubborn or persistent issues, the full moon in Aquarius is a great opportunity to expand your scope and get a wider view of the issue.

To fully harness the magical possibilities of this full moon, surround yourself with sunny or fiery colors like yellow, gold, and orange to help anchor yourself. Tiger eye is a great gemstone to aid in your endeavors, as well. Frankensence oil and insense will help with instilling a sense of self awareness and provide a strong sense of center.

The alliances we build now with full moon in Aquarius will serve us well when the sun heads back into Virgo at the end of August and into September. This will be a busy and productive fall. Our alliances and the shared vision we create together this summer will help us move forward with projects this fall.

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